Why did Richard Madden leave '13 Reasons Why' star Brandon Flynn and move in with Froy Gutierrez?

Why did Richard Madden leave '13 Reasons Why' star Brandon Flynn and move in with Froy Gutierrez?
Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn (Getty Images)

'Game of Thrones' actor Richard Madden has taken shelter in the luxury Los Angeles home of co-star Emilia Clarke, which costs a whopping $24,207 (or £20,000) a month. According to Daily Mail, the actor moved into the two-bedroom home with ‘Teen Wolf’ actor pal Froy Gutierrez.

First photographed in February, the pair came into media spotlight this year and The Sun reports that Richard and Froy have been isolating in the $4.5M pad (bought for £3.8M in 2016), which features a swimming pool.

If reports are to be believed, he was earlier living with '13 Reasons Why' actor Brandon Flynn in Los Angeles until they drifted apart in November last year. While Madden has never spoken about his relationships and has previously dated actress Jenna Coleman, Flynn was in a relationship with Sam Smith and stood up for an Australian bill that allowed same-sex marriage but he never really came out.

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However, he did call himself a "gay boy" in an Instagram post with his co-star Alisha Boe. "Honestly, I don’t know how I got so f***ing lucky. The best on-screen girlfriend a gay boy could ask for. You’ve become one of the closest people in my life, wherever our lives may lead us, you’ve always been there for me and I hope to always be there for you in any way you need," he wrote back then.

Reportedly, Brandon was the face of a new Versace collection and had asked bosses at the fashion house to not extend an invitation to Richard for a party in 2019. A source told The Sun, “Richard and Brandon bonded over being up-and-coming actors in the industry and decided to share a place while both working in LA. But they have fallen out in the past few months and have cut ties with each other.”

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Talking about the bash last year, the insider added, “Brandon has made it clear he doesn’t want to see Richard because he asked the team at Versace not to invite him to a party they are having at the beginning of December. Richard has been dressed by the brand a few times and he spoke with (Elton John’s friend) Donatella Versace to prepare for his role as John Reid in Rocketman. But as they are working with Brandon now, they are respecting his wishes and haven’t asked Richard to attend the bash.”

Richard never confirmed his relationship with Brandon even though there was much hearsay that they were more than friends. In an interview with The New York Times, while promoting his film ‘Rocketman’, he said: “I just keep my personal life personal. I’ve never talked about my relationships.”

After moving in with Troy, Richard seems happier. A source told The Sun, “He really hit it off with Froy and he’s pleased to have company while stuck inside. As he is already spending a fortune on the property, he wanted someone to enjoy it with. He didn’t see himself living there long-term but now he’s had to settle in because it doesn’t look like he will be able to move any time soon.”

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