Richard Bacon feels "good to be alive" after doctors almost assumed he would die from lung infection

After being in coma for almost six days, Bacon had almost reached the point of no return, and now he is thankful to all those who had supported him in his journey.

                            Richard Bacon feels "good to be alive" after doctors almost assumed he would die from lung infection

Richard Bacon had earlier revealed that he was "incredibly close" to dying when life-threatening illness led him to be put in a six-day coma. This time during an exclusive interview on the September 25 episode of 'Good Morning Britain', the TV personality mentioned that even the doctors had expected him to die of a near-fatal lung infection. 

The 42-year-old was put in a medically-induced coma following his failure to respond to treatment for suspected pneumonia when the TV and radio presenter had fallen ill during a plane journey. His mother, Christine Bacon, had taken to Twitter to inform about Bacon's improving health after it was almost assumed that he would never wake up. During his interview with The Times, the presenter had said that being in the hospital for a something as minor as flu made him recall the Spanish flu of 1918- one of the deadliest influenza epidemic that swept the world in 1918 killed an estimated 50 million people.



"Of course, you think, in 1918 you can die from the flu," he said. "You can understand why they died – but in 2018, I can go into a hospital, aged 42, be that fit, and have all that modern equipment around me and still nearly die? F**king hell. I came that close. The first two nights, it was incredibly close." Now recalling what his doctor had said about his illness being almost "horrible", the present told GMB that "it's good to be alive". "It was bad luck – I breathed something in. The working theory, they never really worked out what it was exactly, is that I got on the plane at the wrong time and the pressurized cabin caused this infection in both of my lungs to explode everywhere," he recalled about his lung infection. 



The presenter had earlier told that his illness was so devastating that it had made his wife break to tears, "I think that was the most shocking moment of my life. I've very rarely seen [wife] Rebecca cry, and she cried at that point. She cried and she called her sister." However, while speaking with GMB, Bacon claimed that his wife has been an incredible support to him. Recalling a certain intimate incident, he said, "As they were putting me in the coma she rubbed my feet and said: 'Don't walk towards the white light', which I think was a joke, but I'm not entirely sure."



Being considered the "illest person in Lewisham hospital", Bacon went on to reveal that waking from his coma "was the worst day of my life". "I felt very bad for Rebecca," he said. "There was one point where they had the crash equipment hovering over me, my body turned blue, there was a moment when they believed I was going to die. She'd been given that impression. I find out afterward and it's sort of a story. For her it was a phone by the bed, waiting for every second waiting for that call to come in that her husband had died." However, now that he feels better, he thanked NHS for saving his life and speculated that had Jeremy Hunt been able to shut it in 2012, he would have certainly died.