'RHOSLC' Reunion Finale: Did Meredith and Seth Marks fix 'tumultuous' marriage? Here's how show helped them

'RHOSLC' Reunion Finale: Did Meredith and Seth Marks fix 'tumultuous' marriage? Here's how show helped them
Seth and Meredith Marks of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' (Bravo)

Appearing on a reality show can either strengthen one's marriage or completely tear it apart. In 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City', it looks like featuring on Bravo's hit franchise seems to have worked rather well for Meredith Marks' relationship.

When we first saw Meredith and her husband Seth Marks on 'RHOSLC', the couple was battling several marital issues and were temporarily separated. Things didn't look too good between the couple, one of their biggest bone of contention was Seth moving to Canton, Ohio. Thanks to his job, Seth had to move to Ohio and was trying to persuade Meredith to move there with him. But the housewife was reluctant to leave Salt Lake City and rebuild her business and life in Ohio. With several other pre-existing issues within their relationship, it left the couple's relationship hanging by a thread.


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Meredith Marks (Bravo)

Considering Meredith's marriage was one of the main storylines on the show, the topic popped up during the reunion. Andy Cohen, the host and executive producer of the show asked Meredith and her husband about the current status of their relationship. The housewife coyly replied that they were back together, while both Seth and she admitted that the show helped them a lot in piecing their marriage back together.

Meredith shared how she had no choice but to take accountability while filming for the show, which meant that she couldn't brush the issues in their marriage under the carpet, as she usually did, but instead acknowledge and work on them. This reportedly helped the couple rebuild their relationship. Seth too agreed with her and took responsibility for his role in the breaking down of their marriage. He admitted to being very focused on his work and children, which meant that their marriage took a backseat and that eventually took a toll on them. 

Seth Marks and Meredith Marks (Bravo)

Prior to beginning filming the show, Seth had filed for a divorce, but the couple withdrew it. Meredith described their marriage as "tumultuous" and admitted to having separated multiple times. While the couple was separated, the housewife began dating other men, while Seth stayed single as he couldn't get over her. This led to a lot of gossip and speculations among her fellow housewives. Things got better between the couple when Seth shared his feelings with Meredith and declared that he couldn't live without her, and promised to work on their marriage if she would take him back. This led to their reconciliation. 

It looks like in Meredith and Seth's case appearing on the reality show definitely brought them closer, and we couldn't be happier for the couple. Hopefully, they continue to stay together and keep their beautiful family. 

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