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'RHOSLC': Robert gifts Prada bag to girlfriend, fans wonder what Mary Cosby's church members feel about it

When fans saw that Mary's son was going around gifting such luxurious gifts to his girlfriends, they began joking that even they wanted to date him
Robert Cosby Jr and Mary Cosby (Bravo)
Robert Cosby Jr and Mary Cosby (Bravo)

If you felt that Mary Cosby and her extravagant designer outfits were a bit too much, wait till you hear about her son Robert Jr. It's no secret that Mary loves her designer outfits, and finer things in life, and it looks like her son, Robert, too might have picked up the same traits from his mother. In an earlier episode, we saw Mary complaining about how her son seems to be completely smitten by his new girlfriend. Back then, it didn't seem like such a big deal.

But after watching the latest episode of 'RHOSLC', we are beginning to reconsider our stance on Robert Jr and his girlfriend. When Lisa Barlow was visiting Mary, she came across Robert Jr. The two strike up a conversation, when Mary nudges her son to reveal what he got his girlfriend for Christmas. Robert then hesitantly admits that he gifted a Prada bag to his girlfriend. Mary roasts his relationship by wondering if it would last as long as the bag. She then goes on to list out the luxury items her son has gifted the girl in the past, such as a chinchilla, and a puppy. Lisa was amused by Robert's gift selection and playfully added that Mary set the bar high.

When fans saw that Mary's seventeen-year-old son was going around gifting such luxurious gifts to his girlfriends, they began joking that even they wanted to date him. A fan wrote, "Okay, age differences clearly aren't a problem in the family, so can I date Mary's son? I want a dog and Prada purse. #totallykidding #notserious #RHOSLC." Another fan joked, "Chile lemme rob the cradle and snatch Mary son up. I want fancy gifts  #RHOSLC."



Not all fans seem to be amused by Robert's gifting. Many fans wondered about how Mary's church members would feel to see their money going towards a seventeen-year-old's gifting choices for his girlfriend. A fan tweeted, "Do you think Mary’s church members are watching and thinking I’m glad my donations went to buy a 17 year old a chinchilla and a Prada? #rhoslc." "How's Mary's church reacting knowing her teenage son gave his gf a Prada?! #RHOSLC." wondered a fan. Another fan shared, "A PRADA PURSE, CHINCHILLA & A DOG?! With church money?! Wow. #RHOSLC #RHOSL #WWHL." "Mary must be speaking that good tongues if they got enough tithes to get her son’s girlfriend a chinchilla and a Prada bag!#RHOSLC," pointed a fan.





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