'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Spoilers: Brooks Marks calls out his dad for not being a supportive parent

Brooks was upset over his father's absence at his first-ever fashion show and expressed his disappointment openly

                            'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Spoilers: Brooks Marks calls out his dad for not being a supportive parent
Brooks Marks (Bravo)

Things between Meredith Marks and her husband Seth Marks have been rocky. The couple got into a huge fight when Seth insisted that Meredith move out of Salt Lake City for him. Following their fight, the couple decided that they needed some space and time apart from each other. Unfortunately, their decision to spend time away from each other has adversely impacted their son Brooke Marks.

It's the Sundance and the entire city is busy gearing up for it. Meredith managed to score a fashion show to showcase her son Brooks' line of clothing for ParkCity's first-ever fashion show. Brooks was extremely excited about showcasing his clothing line to the world and was hopeful that both his parents would be present at the show to support him. Seth, however, bailed on the fashion show by citing some prior work commitments.

In the preview clip released by the network, we see Brooks calling his father after the show and confronting him for not being there. When Seth received the call from Brooks, he makes snide comments about the fashion show and his son's looks. Brooks gets offended and called him out for not even inquiring about how the show went or expressing his love and support verbally.

Seth and Meredith Marks (Bravo)

Seth then asks Brooks about the show but it looks like the damage was done, as the youngster began throwing shade at his father. In his green room interview, Brooks expressed his disappointment with his father's behavior. He explained how he would have canceled any business meeting irrespective of its importance, just to be with his child and show his support to the child. 

Later, Brooks points out that he is just asking for his father to show up and be a supportive parent, but he doesn't seem up for it. On hearing Brooks' harsh words, Seth gets upset but keeps quiet. He then tells Brooks that the conversation was inducing anxiety within him.

Seth's response to Brooks might further jeopardize his relationship with Meredith as the designer has always prioritized their children over everything. So, watching her husband unintentionally hurt them will definitely not sit well with Meredith.

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