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Why did 'RHOSLC' star Lisa Barlow's sons set up Fresh Wolf? Here's how the family's giving back to society

If you assumed that Fresh Wolf is just another money-making avenue for the Barlow family, then you couldn't be more wrong
'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star Lisa Barlow and her son Jack Barlow (Instagram/lisabarlow14)
'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star Lisa Barlow and her son Jack Barlow (Instagram/lisabarlow14)

If you have ever watched 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' you may have noticed how Lisa Barlow is an extremely ambitious woman. From setting goals as a hobby to creating business plans for fun, the housewife's idea of a relaxing downtime with family is different from most. The housewife is often guilty of prioritizing her work over her family, for instance during the Sundance Festival, the houseiwfe so caught up with work that she barely saw her two kids. She declared that they were old enough to fend for themselves. 

Another time, when her husband John Barlow pointed out that she needs to learn to strike a balance between her work as the founder of LUXE Marketigng agency and owner of VIDA Tequila and her personal life,  the housewife barely paid any attention to him at that time and continued to work on her phone. But looks like eventually, the message got to the housewife for she began making earnest efforts to spend quality time with her family.


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Lisa Barlow (Bravo)

So, as a ruse to spend more time with her family, she encouraged her two sons, James and Henry Barlow to set up their own haircare company. Later, John and she invested their own money into the business to help the boys' dream come true. During the finale episode of 'RHOSLC' we see 15-year-old Jack, one of the founders of Fresh Wolf haircare line telling his mother that if he continues to work hard he'll be able to buy his own Land Rover Defender with his money while his younger sibling and co-founder, Henry, 9, declares that he wants a McLaren.

After watching this you would assume that Fresh Wolf is just another new money-making avenue for the Barlow family, but you couldn't' t be more wrong. In fact, the growing company has tied up with Utah Foster Care, for every product that is sold, a product is given out for free to a foster child. Charity and giving back seem to be one of the core values of the company. 

Jack, Henry, and John Barlow (Fresh Wolf/ Instagram)

The reason behind choosing the cause of foster children is significantly personal for the Barlow family. In an interview with Salt Lake Tribune, Lisa revealed how her husband, John, briefly spent some time in the foster care system. She explained, "John was given up at birth, adopted, returned, then adopted into a family. And, in between that, spent a short time in foster care. Luckily, my husband had an amazing experience with being adopted by a beautiful family. But not everybody gets that.” She also pointed out how contrary to popular belief a lot of families that sign up to take in foster kids are not doing it for the money. "A lot of people think that people take in foster care kids for money. To board my dog is an average of $45 to $70 a day … and then when you look at foster kids, the parents get $15 a day per kid. They’re not in it for the money," shared the housewife. 


Fresh Wolf currently sells haircare products like- shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, pomade, and their other products include a body wash and hand sanitizer. These products were specifically designed for boys and men. In an interview Jack explained how he is very hands-on with the entire process of creating the products and setting up the business. "I worked with the lab to make sure the fragrance was perfect and masculine and smells good. I test the products on my own hair and test other competitive products as well to make sure Fresh Wolf is the best," shared the young founder. You can purchase the Fresh Wolf products either from Amazon or their website here

'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' airs every Wednesday at 10/9c only on Bravo.