'Real Housewives of Potomac': Michael slammed for blaming infidelity on father and son, fans ask him to 'shut up'

'Real Housewives of Potomac': Michael slammed for blaming infidelity on father and son, fans ask him to 'shut up'
Ashley and Michael Darby (Bravo)

Ashley and Michael Darby’s open marriage has intrigued fans time and again. Following the birth of their son, Dean, Ashley isn’t keen on bringing in any more people into her marriage, while Michael appears to be having trouble adhering to the new dynamic. 

In an earlier episode, Michael admitted that he had left a club with a stripper and spent the night with her, although he claimed that he had no memory of the night. When Ashley heard it, she was obviously not pleased with it. So, the couple decided to work on fixing their marriage and went to see a therapist to resolve their marital issues.

Ashley explained to the therapist how they always had rules about bringing in another person into their bedroom and emphasized on how they both were always present when they brought in a new person. But with Michael going off to see someone else without Ashley reportedly upset her. The therapist then turns to Michael and asks him why he felt the need to see someone else. 

Michael begins by initially blaming how the birth of their son, Dean caused a change in Ashley. He pointed out that Ashley was focusing all her attention and energy on taking care of Dean and didn’t give him enough time. When the therapist prodded him further about what exactly was the root of the issue, Michael quickly changed his story and blamed his father.

Michael explained to the therapist and Ashley how he had a traumatic childhood due to his father. His father was reportedly nice to him until he got drunk, following which he used to hurl abuses at Michael. Ashley and the therapist instantly began feeling sorry for Michael and decided to help him with it.

But fans were left feeling puzzled and amused by how Michael deflected the blame onto his father for cheating on his wife. A fan tweeted, “#RHOP So Michael's father yelling at him when he was younger makes him cheat as an adult??? I understand trauma but make it fit. I can't put the two together....unless I missed part of the story???!!!” Another fan wrote, "I feel like Michael is using his father an excuse on why he cheat #RHOP." 



Another fan commented, "Michael is really going to blame his nasty a** actions on having a new baby and his father’s actions. Shut ya old a** up! #RHOP." "I’m sorry, Ashley, but I fail to see how Michael’s father being an abusive alcoholic, makes it ok for him to cheat on you with other men and women, and go MIA when you aren’t in town. Even worse, you make excuses and keep having babies by him. #RHOP," pointed out a fan. "So the reason Michael cheats is because of the baby, Ashley and his father.....but not because he chose to....am i getting that correct? lol ok #RHOP," observed a fan.




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