RHONY star Tinsley Mortimer and boyfriend Scott Kluth have split up again

She reportedly met him on a blind date. Carole Radziwill, a work friend of Mortimer from the show set them up and the whole thing was caught on cam by Bravo.

                            RHONY star Tinsley Mortimer and boyfriend Scott Kluth have split up again

Some couples just can't decide. 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Tinsley Mortimer and her boyfriend Scott Kluth called it quits again, according to Us Weekly.  The reality star started dating 38-year-old Scott Kluth, the founder and CEO of CouponCabin, last year. 

Tinley confirmed the beginning of their affair on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She said, "Scott is amazing… He's an incredible guy and I'm just lucky to have met him. I have a great guy. It's awesome". She reportedly met him on a blind date. Carole Radziwill, a work friend of Tinsley from the show set them up and the whole thing was caught on cam by Bravo. They had a great date too, after locking lips at the end of the date, they also decided to do a quick 5-day getaway. At the time, the girls had gone on a trip to Mexico and he is said to have sent her flowers with the note "Thank you for the best and longest first date ever". In the past year, they have split multiple times.

Before their latest split, she had earlier told in May, according to a report on Bravo TV, "He's one of my best friends. And he will always be. We are super close."

"It's so great to be back with Scott. It is always interesting when you're on a show like this, even when you see people they are very invested in your lives. They are very invested in your relationship. [On the show last season,] not only [is it] I’m there for the first time ever meeting Scott, they were there too. They saw me meet him too for the first time. They saw our first kiss, so that does make people very tied to us," she said. "And I think it’s so sweet and I’m super flattered by the support of us and of him. He just thought he was going to come on [as my] date ... it's just very sweet that people are very, very supportive of us."

Tinsley added to that she really liked being with one person. "It worked out. I’m not going to lie, I'm happy when I’m in a relationship. But it doesn’t mean I create something out of nothing." In another interview with People, commenting on her previous relationship with Alexander 'Nico' Fanjul, she said "I had moments of feeling like I wasn't going to make it. I was going to be one of those tragic stories you see on TV. I'm so grateful and I feel so lucky. That's my past and I learned from it. I will never put myself in that situation again."  

However, in 2016,she was arrested for trespassing outside the Palm Beach home of Fanjul after being found screaming and crying on his front lawn. Later, when the incident was addressed on the Bravo show, Tinsley claimed the relationship was abusive to begin with, and that she was thankful to her arrest for getting her out of that situation.


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The couple broke up after issues of violence. This relationship too, was on and off. They started seeing each other in 2012, on Christmas Day in 2013 Tinsley was hospitalized with head lacerations and two finally split up in April 2016. Scott came into her life after the turbulent time. 

Us Weekly's source said, "They have a complicated relationship. They talk every single day and still say I love you. She's so busy in NYC and he's so busy in Chicago that they are not exclusive right now because it's long distance. They've done this before, these little breaks. They are both super optimistic they will be able to work it out when their schedules aren't as crazy … They love each other so much." So there's definitely some hopes for this couple. 

Marriage seems to be on Tinsley's mind and not on Scott's. It was only a few days ago that Tinsley was thinking about marriage and a new life with Scott. Her obsession with her future made her so anxious that she and her mother Dale Mercer who was visiting, went shopping for wedding gowns!

Her mom was not helping matters either trying to push the point that she wanted to become a grandmother and time was running out for Tinsley. Dale gave her daughter baby booties in her Christmas stocking and arrived in New York with a bill for the storage of Tinsley’s frozen eggs. The whole egg episode saw the mother-daughter duo in tears imagining the unborn children and now we wonder has Scott proposed? 

Another source said that Scott is having a hard time forgetting about Tinsley. The source said, "Scott can't let go of Tinsley emotionally. Tinsley is hanging on, hoping that Scott will agree to marry her." A third source said that this is not permanent. The source said, that "they are friends now, but will get back together." 

They have split so many times it won't come as a surprise if they do get back together. The couple got back together over the holidays after splitting up in October last year.