'RHONY' star Ramona Singer's serial dating could end if she channels her creativity properly, says psychologist

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, Dr Tracy Thomas explains why Ramona has such a tough time finding a suitable partner

                            'RHONY' star Ramona Singer's serial dating could end if she channels her creativity properly, says psychologist
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Ever since we welcomed ‘Real Housewives of New York’ into our lives in 2008, we have been privy to Ramona Singer’s life. When we first met Ramona, the housewife was happily married to Mario Singer and together they shared a house in the Upper-East Side and a daughter. In the first season, we saw Ramona taking great pride in her looks and her financial independence. Flash forward to the ongoing Season 12 and we see the 63-year-old housewife, divorced, going on a string of dates, desperately looking for a partner and with a notorious reputation of being rude.
So, what happened to Ramona, how did it all go south to this extremely successful and happy housewife? We spoke to a leading psychologist and emotional sensitivity expert Dr Tracy Thomas, to understand Ramona’s serial dating and why she is having such a tough time maintaining relationships.
Dr Tracy begins by explaining how Ramona’s childhood plays a crucial role in explaining her present behavior. She says, “ So in observing Ramona I see Ramona in this respect that she grew up in a scenario where her parents were not emotionally supportive. They were struggling with their own emotion and they were likely, very sensitive people as well struggling with their own emotions and Ramona came into the world as a highly sensitive person and there was a lot of pain in her life growing up.

 “She did something that is very, very powerful, which is she took all of that creativity and all of that emotion, and she channeled it into a marriage with Mario raising her daughter. She used it in creating a company and creating a business and the different facets of her business and this is where we see Ramona being, you know, using that emotion for the greater good and really being successful and being smart and being intentional,” adds Dr Tracy.
 This was the Ramona we saw in the early seasons. The Ramona we loved and respected. But Dr Tracy points out how Ramona not using this intention and creativity in every aspect of her life is the main culprit behind her downfall. She explains, "We've always been able to witness where Ramona is not using all of that creativity and the way she does it in business and she's tripping up in a lot of relationships because she's coming from this reactive place and she's coming from a non-intentional place.”

She also points out that while Ramona has shown emotional growth over the years, it isn’t at a level expected of her. “And all the emotional growth, that Ramona has needed to do hasn't happened at the level that I think everybody's wanting to see happen for her. She's grown in a lot of ways but still what's going on is that her emotional challenges are becoming more and more prominent and it's been keeping her from being able to be intentional in creating a partnership that she wants,” shared Dr Tracy.

Dr Tracy Thomas (Image provided by Dr Tracy Thomas)

Dr Tracy believes that if Ramona applies the same emotional capacity and creativity that she used while building her successful business empire, then she will be able to find the partnership she’s looking for. “Whatever emotional capacity and creativity has allowed her to be a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, I really look forward to her growing and using that same emotional intelligence to just be very very emotionally stable in her pursuit of a deep and meaningful life partnership that can bring her a lot of satisfaction,” said Dr Tracy.

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