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'RHONY' Season 12 Reunion: Tinsley reveals why Dorinda hates her as housewives discuss 'turkey baster' remark

Fans cheered for Tinsley as she revealed why Dorinda might be hating on her
UPDATED SEP 11, 2020
Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer (Getty Images)
Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer (Getty Images)

Season 12 of 'Real Housewives fo New York City' saw Tinsley Mortimer being viciously bullied by Dorinda Medley. Without any reason or provocation, Dorinda went after Tinsley and kept bullying her for her relationship with Scott Kluth. For the longest time, fans were puzzled with Dorinda's bizarre behavior towards Tinsley. Many wondered why the housewife was being so awful towards Tinsley, although she didn't do anything to the housewife that might have caused her any pain or discomfort.

When Tinsley left the show mid-season, we all assumed that we would never know where Dorinda's disdain for Tinsley stemmed from. Even in the season finale episode, when new housewife Leah McSweeney raised a toast to Tinsley to thank her for introducing to the group, Dorinda was so triggered that she walked out. But we finally might have gotten our answers to Dorinda's behavior, thanks to Tinsley joining the season reunion special.

During the reunion, Dorinda was called out for her awful behavior towards Tinsley, and the snide comments she made at the former housewife. He highly offensive comment about Scott needing the help of a 'turkey baster' to get Tinsley pregnant was discussed on the show. Tinsley slammed her former fellow housewife for being so mean and vicious, while Andy pointed out how Dorinda's words were extremely offensive and insensitive. Later, they got into the topic of why Dorinda resented Tinsley so much. This is when Tinsley finally decided to reveal everything.

She shared that during Season 11's filming, Dorinda found out that her then-boyfriend, John Mahdessian, had borrowed some money from Scott. This upset Dorinda to no end, and in the brief footage shown by Bravo, which wasn't aired during Season 11, we see Dorinda on a call with John and shouting at him for going behind her back and asking money from Scott, who is not their friend. Tinsley then proceeds to explain how since then Dorinda has been angry with Tinsley and deflected her rage at John towards her. Tinsley also shared how the producers were scared for her safety after Dorinda found about the money, and were concerned for her well-being. 

When fans heard Tinsley's side of the story, they cheered for her and encouraged her to put Dorinda on "blast". A fan tweeted, "Loving this info about Scott giving John money.... it explains so much.... go Tinsley! Put Dorinda on blast! #RHONY #RHONYReunion."


Another fan wrote, "I always knew Tinsley was a QUEEN and she brought it tonight. She clipppped down Dorinda real quick! #RHONY #RHONYReunion."


"Tinsley got the redemption I needed. She’s engaged. Happy. Skinny. Rich. And Dorinda is alone, miserable, drunk, with a leaky basement.  #rhony #rhonyreunion," expressed a fan.


"Watching Tinsley completely hold her own and dominate the conversation against an agitated and cornered Dorinda after Dorinda was horrible to her all season was BEYOND satisfying #RHONY," shared a fan.



'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.