'Real Housewives of New York': Elyse stands up to Ramona's dismissive behavior, fans hope she gets promoted

After watching Elyse on the latest episode of 'RHONY', fans have begun rallying for the 'friend' to be promoted to housewife

                            'Real Housewives of New York': Elyse stands up to Ramona's dismissive behavior, fans hope she gets promoted
Ramona Singer and Elyse Slaine (Getty Images)

Who hasn't been a victim of Ramona Singer's dismissive attitude and bad behavior? Up until now, Ramona's dear friend Elyse Slaine watched her housewife friend be awfully mean to other people, but she never in her wildest dreams thought that one day she would be on the receiving end of her friend's bad behavior.

Elyse has been nothing but a good friend to Ramona, she constantly stood by Ramona, acted as a voice of reason and prevented Ramona from being more erratic than her usual self, and to top it off she genuinely loves Ramona. So, when Ramona began being cold and dismissive towards her, Elyse couldn't understand why she was being subject to such behavior.

On the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of New York', we saw Elyse confronting Ramona for treating her badly. She points out how Ramona has been excluding her from events and things, and just insisted on taking along the girls aka fellow housewives but refused to include Elyse. Ramona tried to dodge the question but Elyse wasn't having it. Elyse continues pressing Ramona to clear up the air.

Fans were thrilled to watch Elyse stand up to Ramona and call her out for her dismissive behavior. A fan tweeted, "Elyse is coming out of her shell, I love it. Destroy Ramona, Elyse. I knew there was a Joan Collins hidden underneath that brunette hairline. Now, you have to stand up to the other girls too. Be a Jedi girl! #RHONY." Another fan wrote, "Elyse standing up and 'attacking' the vodoo costumed Ramona has been the best thing she’s done this season. #RHONY." "Elyse v. Ramona is the drama I didn't know I needed but I am here for it. #RHONY," expressed an amused fan.

After watching Elyse on the episode, many fans felt that she needs to be promoted from her role as "Ramona's friend" to a housewife. A fan shared, "Loved the scene with @SonjatMorgan & @SlaineElyse! Natural convo. Elyse felt like a full-time cast member here and trust me would make a fantastic apple holder! #RHONY." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "For all of this camera time, they should have given Elyse an apple #RHONY." 

'Real Housewives of New York' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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