'RHONY' Season 12 Finale: Dorinda's final scene, outburst against Tinsley has fans feeling disgusted

Fans were far from pleased with how Dorinda left 'RHONY' while fuming at Tinsley

                            'RHONY' Season 12 Finale: Dorinda's final scene, outburst against Tinsley has fans feeling disgusted
Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer (Getty Images)

Dorinda Medley's fury against Tinsley Mortimer clearly has no bounds. Although the socialite quit filming the show, in order to move in with her fiance Scott Kluth in Chicago, Dorinda still continues to resent her former fellow housewife. While Tinsley was on the show, Dorinda picked on her for her relationships and living situation. Dorinda claimed that her fellow housewife wasn't being completely honest on the show and was withholding information, Tinsley denied all these allegations.

Dorinda could be seen constantly bullying Tinsley and making snide remarks about her. But none of the housewives were ready to intervene or taking Tinsley's side because they were scared of becoming Dorinda's subject of fury. They just watched Dorinda bullying Tinsley ruthlessly on the sidelines. Things cooled down for a bit when Tinsley left the show and there was no mention of her for a while. However, during the season finale, new housewife Leah McSweeney wanted to raise a toast in honor of the former housewife, who was responsible for introducing her to the group. 

So, when Leah raised her glass and said cheers to Tinsley, Dorinda immediately went off the rails. She was so furious that she just started screaming and saying that she didn't want to deal with Tinsley, without even attempting to hear what Leah was trying to say. Leah refused to buckle down and stood up to Dorinda and insisted that she will raise a toast to whoever she wishes to and Tinsley is her friend. Dorinda has always been nice to Leah, so it came as a surprise to see the housewife turn on Leah and storm away while fuming at Leah. Dorinda could be heard screaming how Tinsley breached the contract of the show and 'almost ruined' the show by leaving mid-season. 

Leah was far from pleased with Dorinda's temper and she sat down with Luann de Lesseps to discuss how unreasonable Dorinda was and about her obsession with Tinsley. After the news of Dorinda's exit from the show broke out and fans saw how she ended her stint on the show, they were far from pleased with Dorinda and her obsession with Tinsley. A fan tweeted, "@Andy #RHONY So now I understand why Dorinda got booted!! That last tirade on @TinsleyMortimer was totally ridiculous! Miss you Tinsley... can't wait to see you at the reunion."



Another fan wrote, "If you want to know how awful a person is, don’t look at how they treat someone who’s done something to them. Look at how they treat people who’ve done nothing to them. WTF did Tinsley ever do to Dorinda?? #RHONY."



"Yeah Dorinda can leave the show for good. She’s so toxic for no reason and it’s not cute to watch. #GoodbyeDorinda #RHONY," expressed a fan.



"WOOOOOWWWW I am flabbergasted but I can’t imagine Dorinda’s final scene going any other way... lower than low.... so bitter and nasty #rhony," shared a fan.


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