'Real Housewives of New York': Ramona is nice to Leah, fans say they almost forgot she's a 'monster' at times

'RHONY' fans were pleasantly surprised to see Ramona being kind and caring towards somebody else apart from herself

                            'Real Housewives of New York': Ramona is nice to Leah, fans say they almost forgot she's a 'monster' at times
Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney (Getty Images)

Where do we even begin with Ramona Singer and her crazy shenanigans? The OG housewife on 'Real Housewives of New York', has managed to build a reputation for being very rude and heartless towards everybody, over the years. We have seen her push people aside, yell at people and behave badly toward others, among many other things. This only went on to prove that Ramona is a 'heartless monster'. But on the latest episode of 'RHONY', we saw a rare kind side of the housewife that we didn't know existed.

New housewife Leah McSweeney has been having troubles with her mother lately. The 'Married to the Mob' founder's mother is unhappy with her daughter going back to drinking alcohol. So Leah's mother completely stopped talking to her and began ignoring her, which left Leah feeling sad and lonely. In an earlier episode, when Leah explained her tricky situation with her mother, Ramona advised her to visit her mother and make amends with her. Leah took Ramona's advice partially. She didn't go visit her mother but sent her a text apologizing for her behavior. But, when Leah didn't hear back from her mother, it left her feeling more hurt.

When Leah recounted the incident to Ramona, the OG housewife once again insisted that Leah go meet her mother and own up to her mistakes. Leah broke down crying saying that her mother ignoring her makes her feel like she has failed and that her mother is measuring her based on her failures rather than focussing on her successes. Being a mother herself, Ramona's maternal instincts kick in. She quickly hugged Leah and explained to her that her mother is certainly proud of Leah but is afraid of the consequences of Leah going back to drinking. She once again advised Leah to go visit her mother with flowers and apologize for everything. 

Fans were pleasantly surprised to see Ramona being so kind and caring towards someone other than herself. A fan tweeted, "Look at Ramona actually giving Leah good advice! I thought Ramona was incapable of caring about anyone but herself #RHONY." Many fans expressed their shock at how insightful Ramona was. A fan wrote, "#RHONY I am shocked. Ramona actually gave Leah some good insight & advice...she showed a generosity of caring that she doesn't often show us. Nice!"

"Are we not absolutely loving this emotional bonding moment between Leah and Ramona? We're loving it. #RHONY," expressed another fan.

Another fan revealed, "#RHONY Ramona's conversation with Leah ALMOST made me forget that she's a monster 98.9% of time."

"Ramona talking to Leah and making sense is kinda scary. Used to her being bad shit crazy. #RHONY," echoed another fan. "This is probably one of the most genuine & sweet moments we’ve ever had from Ramona with Leah in the car. She was so warm and kind and I feel like she’s shown a few signs of significant growth this season #RHONY," pointed out a fan. Another fan observed, "Kudos to @ramonasinger for that moment with Leah heading to the comedy show. It was clear that Leah REALLY needed that release/convo and I’m so glad that Ramona could be there for her when it comes to her maternal relationship. #RHONY."

"I’m really impressed with the way Ramona comforted and gave advice to Leah. That was sweet. #RHONY," praised a fan.

 ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8c only on Bravo.

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