'RHONY': Ramona Singer insists she practices Covid-19 protocols, but why are fans calling her 'female Trump'?

'I've figured it out. If Donald Trump was a woman, he'd be Ramona Singer,' pointed out a fan

                            'RHONY': Ramona Singer insists she practices Covid-19 protocols, but why are fans calling her 'female Trump'?
Ramona Singer and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

While most of the world was practicing social distancing and trying to keep themselves safe during the ongoing pandemic, our 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Ramona Singer had other plans during the ongoing pandemic. Season 12 reunion of 'RHONY' was filmed in-person with host Andy Cohen, which meant that there was a lot of drama in store for us. Right off the bat, Andy asked the ladies how they spent their time during the quarantine. The housewives began discussing about the social distancing and how the pandemic has kept them busy with work.

After hearing everybody's responses, Andy played a clip of one of Leah McSweeney's Instagram stories, where she was dissing one of her fellow housewives for not wearing mask in the public while freely moving around and putting everybody at risk. Andy then proceeded to ask Leah who she was talking about. Before the new housewife could respond, Ramona jumped in and revealed that Leah was referring to her.

Ramona then began explaining how in February she had some flu-like symptoms and got treated for it without getting a Covid-19 test because back then they weren't doing those tests in New York. Then in March, the housewife was once again under the weather, but this time around she thought that it was her Lyme disease acting up. She was also travelling at that time, and the club she was staying at had her tested as part of their protocol, this was when it was discovered that Ramona tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies. But she quickly bounced back, claiming that the doctor who diagnosed her said she was a "strong girl". 

When Leah heard Ramona's explanation, she was annoyed. She slammed Ramona for attending Donald Trump Jr's rally without a mask, while his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who was tested positive too was on the premises. Although Ramona kept insisting that she maintained a safe distance, and constantly washed her hands and practiced hygiene, the housewives were unhappy. They all tried pointing out to her that she could be fine, but could be a carrier and transmit it to others. Ramona didn't seem keen on hearing their concerns and kept pushing it away, saying she was fine and was practicing all safety measures.

After watching Ramona's attitude towards Covid-19 and her refusal to acknowledge that she could be a carrier, fans began calling her "female Trump". A fan tweeted, "Ramona saying "I don't have the virus" repeatedly was so annoying ! She IS the female Donald Trump ! #RHONY #RHONYReunion."


Another fan wrote, "Ramona is a typical trump supporter not taking this virus seriously #RHONY.'


"I've figured it out. If Donald Trump was a woman, he'd be Ramona Singer. #RHONY," pointed out a fan.


"Honestly Ramona not giving a sh*t about covid is the straw that broke the camels back. I’m done with her. I really don’t wanna see some fake a** apology about how she now “understands” the pandemic. #RHONYReunion #RHONY," expressed an annoyed fan.


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