'Real Housewives of New York City' Preview: Ramona's birthday party ends with her saying 'shut it down'

The upcoming episode of 'RHONY' features an epic showdown between Ramona and Leah

                            'Real Housewives of New York City' Preview: Ramona's birthday party ends with her saying 'shut it down'
Ramona Singer (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

No 'Real Housewives' party ends without a generous serving of drama. The upcoming episode of 'Real Housewives of New York City' features some epic drama at OG housewife Ramona Singer's birthday party. The housewife already managed to annoy her fellow housewives by refusing to organize a joint birthday party with Sonja Morgan. She further irked them by constantly mentioning her "50 close girlfriends". So it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the party was off to a great start.

Finally, the D-day arrived, and Ramona was ready to let her hair down and have some fun. In the clip released by the network, we see Ramona flaunting a Gucci pocketbook gifted to her by her "close girlfriends". The 'RHONY' ladies get annoyed with Ramona's over-the-top behavior and ask her to be with her girlfriends instead of wasting her time talking to them.

Later, as the night progresses, the ladies begin partying wildly. New housewife Leah appears to have had some drinks, as we see her dancing provocatively with LuAnn. We also see Sonja dancing on a glass plate. As the housewife steps on the glass, it begins to break, but that didn't keep her from showing off her drunk dance moves.


Later we see Leah and Ramona get into a very ugly spat. Leah shouts at Ramona for being very "psychotic". Ramona angrily runs looking for the producers and begins yelling at them to "shut it down". Looks like the birthday girl is done with the festivities. We can't wait to see the epic showdown between Leah and Ramona!

The upcoming episode also features LuAnn sharing her sorrows with a support group. In the clip, we see LuAnn and Sonja attending a support group meeting, where the former Countess recounts her experience being arrested and the shame that came from it. Sonja can be seen wiping her tears on hearing Lu's painful account. We are glad to see Lu and Sonja back together as friends.

The sneak peek clip has left us feeling very intrigued and excited for the upcoming episode, which appears to be jam-packed with drama. 'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8 c only on Bravo. 

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