'Real Housewives of New York City': Fans call Luann 'cheap' for underpaying Sonja for her role in cabaret show

'RHONY' fans aren't impressed with the way Luann reacted to Sonja's request to be compensated better for her appearance on her cabaret show

                            'Real Housewives of New York City': Fans call Luann 'cheap' for underpaying Sonja for her role in cabaret show
Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan (Yuchen Liao/Getty Images)

There's no denying that Sonja Morgan is a born-entertainer. She can turn everything into fun, so it didn't come as surprise when Luann de Lesseps decided to cast her fellow housewife in her cabaret show, 'Countess and her Friends'. Sonja made a brief but memorable appearance on the cabaret show. The housewife got on the stage and took her skirt off and began dancing, much to the shock and amusement of the audience.

The cabaret show became a success and our dear Countess is ready for another cabaret tour. She decided to rope in Sonja once again and get her to enthrall the audience with her crazy antics. So, when Luann announced to the ladies that she would soon start preparing for her show and Sonja would be a part of it, Ramona Singer asks Luann if she was paying Sonja. 

Luann gets very angry at Ramona's question, but responds by saying that she did pay Sonja. Sonja then clarifies that she was indeed paid, but only got a measly $225, which didn't even cover her hair and makeup expenses. Luann gets triggered by it and points out that Sonja wasn't a broadway star to be paid big money and then labels her as "worthless". Luann storms out of the room after announcing that Sonja was out of the show, calling her "worthless" and "talentless". 


Sonja gets hurt and breaks down on hearing Luann's harsh words. She explains to the other ladies that she just did it because she was friends with Luann and wanted to help her friend out but also wanted to be compensated better for her efforts. When fans saw the heated exchange between Luann and Sonja, they were unhappy with the way Luann handled the situation.

A fan tweeted, "I shamefully paid $75 to see Luann's show. She can afford to pay Sonja more than $200 fr. #RHONY." Another fan wrote, "Luann pays Sonja $225 to be in her cabaret show. Turns out the Countess can't count all that high. #rhony #rhonynyc." "Damn not worthless! Luann was wrong as hell. Sonja is doing the show because she is Lu's friend, but she would like to get paid a little more. Luann knows she needs it. #RHONY," pointed out a fan.

Another fan shared, "Luann is downright wrong for not paying Sonja. Oh wait its pennies? Even more of an insult #RHONY." "'You're worthless.' Luann's defensiveness and nastiness says a lot about her. It also proves she thinks she should be paying her better, she’s just mad Sonja finally said it. #RHONY," observed a fan. Another fan advised, "Really crappy to take advantage of Sonja and pay her peanuts because you think you are better than her. Do better Luann #RHONY." "Luann getting pissed because she’s cheap and selfish and stiffs sonja  #RHONY," joked a fan.

'Real Housewives of New York' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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