'Real Housewives of New York City': Luann calls Leah's home 'humble', fans point to her 'pitiful lake shack'

Fans called Luann a 'snob' after she threw shade at Leah for living in a small apartment

                            'Real Housewives of New York City': Luann calls Leah's home 'humble', fans point to her 'pitiful lake shack'
Luann de Lesseps and Leah McSweeney (Getty Images)

New housewife Leah McSweeney was an instant hit amongst fans. She won their hearts with her raw honesty and how relatable she was unlike many other housewives. Just like most New Yorkers, Leah too lives in a cozy apartment and shares a bedroom with her daughter. When fellow housewife Luann de Lesseps came down to check on Leah at her apartment, our beloved Countess Lu was far from impressed with Leah's living arrangement.

After Leah gave Lu the house tour and showed everything, Lu was lost for words to compliment the apartment. She had a hard time getting over how small Leah's apartment was. Although she tried being nice about it by commenting to Leah that it's the New York way of living, she revealed her true feelings in her green room interview. During the interview, when a producer asked her about how she truly felt about Leah's apartment, the housewife tried dodging the question by pretending to sip on water. When the producer repeated the question once again, she repeated it and asked if they really wanted to know how she felt. She finally budged and slyly responded by saying that she liked how 'humble' Leah was. 



To say that fans didn't appreciate Lu's sass towards Leah would be an understatement. Fans declared Lu as snob for judging Leah's cozy and beautiful apartment. A fan tweeted, "Wow, LuAnn is the actual worst. Be a bigger snob.  #RHONY." Another fan wrote, "I can’t believe how snotty LuAnn is being about Leah’s apartment. How quickly she forgets she lived in a pitiful hexagonal shack on the lake...#RHONY." Several fans even reminded the housewife about how she had to dig into her kids' trust fund to pay her rent and maintain her lifestyle. A fan pointed out, "Luann is classic up from nothing new money/married money putting on trashy airs: Is Leah living within her means?  Prolly. Is Leah raiding her kids trust funds to support her lifestyle?  Prolly not. #RHONY."

Another fan shared, "LuAnn is such a snob. Hun came into Leah's home and her nose went UP! The lady who couldn't afford the 5 million dollars home. Her kids had to sue her because she was about to spend their damn money #rhony She should lower it."

"Luann's shade at Leah's apartment was incredibly unnecessary. Maybe she's bothered by the fact that Leah got her start without needing to divorce a rich man #RHONY," observed a fan. 
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