'Real Housewives of New York City': Ramona casually poops on the floor, disgusted fans call her 'gross'

Puzzled fans were left wondering what is happening after Ramona Singer admits that she pooped herself without realizing

                            'Real Housewives of New York City': Ramona casually poops on the floor, disgusted fans call her 'gross'
Ramona Singer (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

What would 'Real Housewives of New York City' be without Ramona Singer! As much as one may dislike her or be annoyed with her, nobody can deny that this OG housewife's over-the-top behavior has kept us entertained for years. On the latest episode of 'RHONY', Ramona's behavior left the audience feeling a myriad of emotions, ranging from amusement to disgust.

It all started with Ramona accidentally pooping herself. Ramona got into a heated argument with her fellow housewife Dorinda Medley. The OG housewife sent a group text to her fellow housewives with a link to an article about anger issues. Ramona was slyly trying to tell Dorinda that she had anger issues, and Dorinda didn't take it too well. So, both the ladies ended up arguing about it. After Dorinda stormed out of Ramona's room, Ramona walked into the washroom in her room to brush her hair, when Sonja Morgan suddenly noticed something lying on their room's floor.

On closer observation, Sonja realized that it was poop, and then asked her fellow housewife if she pooped herself. Ramona initially denied it, but later admitted that she did poop herself. Fans were left feeling disgusted after watching the scene and began wondering how she could not know that she pooped herself. A fan tweeted, "OMFG!! Ramona literally just sh*t on a rug!! She is sooooo gross!! Literally & figuratively!! #RHONY."


Another fan wrote, "I've been on this earth for almost 33 years and I can safely say I've never sh*t anywhere but in a bathroom. How has Ramona sh*t her robe mid conversation??? #RHONY."


"What?? Ramona is just walking around dropping poop nuggets without realizing it??? What is happening????? #RHONY," commented a fan.


"Why is Ramona pooping herself? Can’t she wear a diaper or shove a tampon in her bootyhole? Like wtf. No respect for the poor maid who’ll have to clean her shit. Gross and disrespectful AF! #RHONY," expressed a fan.


"#RHONY... nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.... I did not just watch Ramona poop in her pajamas and on the floor and then Sonya stick her toe in it... nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope... I did not see that not even from these women..." shared a horrified fan.


Apart from casually pooping on the floor, Ramona's other antics on the latest episode included her sending back a wine saying it was too old and praising herself endlessly during her therapy session. 'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 12 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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