‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Fans agree as Teresa says Margaret had it coming for pouring water on Danielle

'RHONJ' fans think that Margaret Josephs deserved Danielle Staub's attack considering all the ways she mistreated the former housewife over the years.

                            ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Fans agree as Teresa says Margaret had it coming for pouring water on Danielle
Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs (Photos from Getty Images)

The aftermath of Danielle Staub yanking Margaret Joseph’s ponytail was as shocking as the fight itself. The previous episode of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ saw things escalating between the two housewives after Margaret threw a glass of water on Danielle, and Danielle retaliated by destroying Marge’s purse and dragging her by the ponytail to the door.
While all the housewives took Marge’s side and expressed their shock and disapproval over Danielle’s behavior, Teresa, however, chose to defend Danielle. When the other housewives and Marge tried pointing out to her that her supporting Danielle was unfair to Marge, as Danielle assaulted Marge. Teresa defends the former housewife by reminding everybody that the fight began because Marge threw water at Danielle, and also brings up incidents from the previous seasons when Marge assaulted Danielle and her husband Marty, and Danielle didn’t do anything.


While the other housewives stepped back from trying to explain to Teresa about how her defending Danielle might be misunderstood by Marge, Jennifer persisted. When Jennifer tried to reason with Teresa that Marge just poured a glass of water and that didn’t need Danielle to respond with assaulting her. To make a point Teresa throws water at Jennifer and asks if she got upset over it.
Fans seem to be with Teresa on this one, and feel that Marge had it coming for how she treated Danielle all these years. A fan tweeted, “Teresa is 100% right! Marge is 100% wrong. She should’ve never poured water ln danielle. There’s no rule in war.  If u bring a knife and i bring a gun, I’m not wrong for bringing a gun. #rhonj”.

Another fan wrote, “I'm not a fan of Danielle's but I'm on her side. Marge poured a bottle of water over her head first. After that all bets are off. Assault is not always physical. #RHONJ”.
“Danielle had a right to buck if she did. Marge pushed her ex in a pool, threw red wine at her and been talking much smack. She showed enough restraint letting her slide several times.  Marge got a phony-tail pulled when she deserved a punch in the mouth.  #RHONJ”, pointed out a fan.

“Marge doesn't deserve any compassion until she admits and makes amends for physically bullying Danielle for two seasons. I can't believe these women are backing the bully #RHONJ”, expressed a fan.

Another fan shared, “How many housewives fights have you seen that were face to face bumping and fingering pointing and yet no one threw water or anything at someone. Marge wanted it.. she deserved it. Danielle has been her punching bag for 2 seasons.. atta girl drag that trout mouth #RHONJ”.
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