‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ preview: The housewives take off to Jamaica and Margaret takes a dig at Teresa’s dating rumors

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ preview: The housewives take off to Jamaica and Margaret takes a dig at Teresa’s dating rumors

‘RHONJ’ housewife Jennifer Aydin generously offered to blow all of her surgeon husband’s money by whisking away all of her fellow housewives to beautiful sunny Jamaica to celebrate her birthday. The housewives packed along some gossip alongside their travel essentials, for the sneak peek clips showed loads of fights and drama.
Before we begin with the housewives’ Jamaican adventures, let us quickly talk about the shade Jennifer threw at fellow housewife- Jackie Goldschneider. Jackie throws a birthday party for one of her children, and Jennifer brings her kids to the party. The party is essentially a game of basketball followed by some pizza. While the children looked extremely happy and content (aside from Jennifer’s daughter who didn’t seem to enjoy basketball much), Jennifer couldn’t help but compare Jackie’s birthday party to her parties. In her green room interview she proudly says that if Jackie and she were to throw a party for their children on the same day, her party would be a bigger hit! Let’s hope Jackie didn’t see that.
Now, coming to Jamaica, the ladies land in Jamaica and go for a rum tasting session. When their host gives them a sample of a rum that is more than 21 years old, Margaret Josephs quickly takes a dig at Teresa by saying Teresa likes anything that is 21 or older. Subtly throwing shade at the dating rumors revolving around the housewife dating a much younger boy. Teresa looked shocked and puzzled and asks what Margaret meant by her statement. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her response, but we are sure a feud between Teresa and Margaret might just be around the corner.


It isn’t just Margaret and Teresa who will be butting heads during their vacation, the sneak peek clip also shows Jackie confronting Dolores Catania for not defending her when her former husband Frank Catania made a scathing statement about Jackie always needing to have the last say since she is a “female attorney”. Dolores didn’t have any response until Jennifer reveals to Jackie about how Dolores told her that she doesn’t consider Jackie to be her friend. That’s one sticky situation Dolores has gotten herself into. We can’t wait for the upcoming episode to see what memorable fights the housewives will get into during their fancy Jamaica trip.
You can catch all new episodes of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ season 10, every Wednesday at 8pm on Bravo. The next episode, episode 13, will be returning on December 4. 


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