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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Fans believe Joe will come after Teresa's money once she's with other men

'RHONJ' fans agree with Dolores and Teresa's baby brother that Joe might get spiteful once he sees Teresa with other men and come after her money and ask for spousal support
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Teresa and Joe Giudice (Getty Images)
Teresa and Joe Giudice (Getty Images)

Season 10 of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ documented the failing marriage of Teresa and Joe Giudice. The couple was constantly seen arguing with each other until they finally decided to separate during the season finale. One of their constant bone of contentions has been Joe accusing Teresa of blowing all his money, while the housewife maintains that it is her money and not his.

Teresa reveals on the show that for the past few years, she has been spending her own money to not just maintain their lifestyle but also to pay Joe’s debts and legal bills. During the reunion episode, the executive producer/ host Andy Cohen asks the housewife about the extent that she has spent on clearing Joe’s debts and his hefty legal bills. Although she doesn’t reveal a number, Teresa still says, it’s a lot. When Andy asks if it is over a million, she says yes.

This is when her younger brother Joe Gorga and fellow housewife Dolores Catania step in and tell Teresa that it is high time she divorces her husband, otherwise he might come after her for spousal support and money. According to Dolores, Joe might become spiteful when Teresa starts seeing other men and might come after her by demanding spousal support and money. Her brother, Joe Gorga agrees to the possibility and feels Joe might be interested in Teresa’s money even if he isn’t married to her.

Fans too agree with Dolores and Joe Gorga, and feel that Joe Giudice might do the same. A fan tweeted, “I agree with Dolores - Joe will be angry and spiteful and want to get his hand on Teresa's money - if and when she starts moving on with her life. If you want to trust anyone to tell you the truth trust Dolores, Teresa. #rhonj #rhonjreunion.” Another fan shared, “Joe put Teresa through it over the years. At this point, nothing would stop him from going after her money.  #RHONJ.” “I'm fairly confident that Joe G will try to get spousal support from Teresa. #RHONJ #RHONJReunion,” commented another fan.

Although, a few fans feel that Joe is “entitled” to Teresa’s money and there is nothing wrong if he does come after it. A fan expressed, “Joe Giudice is no angel, but I think he is entitled to some of @Teresa_Giudice’s money. He supported her all those years, she was NOT innocent in the crimes, and she’s the one who bankrupted them. She makes her money by exposing THEIR personal life. #RHONJ.”

Another said, “People speak about Joe being bitter after getting out of jail, I would be too! Teresa reaped all the benefits, while he paid the ultimately price. She still has the money and mansion, that he went to jail and got deported for. #RHONJ #RHONJReunion."