'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Teresa blames alcohol for her poor behavior but fans are not buying it

Fans are not thrilled about Teresa blaming alcohol for urging Danielle to pull Margaret's hair

                            'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Teresa blames alcohol for her poor behavior but fans are not buying it
Teresa Giudice (Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Teresa Giudice's role in Danielle Staub pulling Margaret Josephs' hair, the housewife decides to play the classic "blame it on the alcohol" card to get out of the sticky situation.

When Teresa's sister-in-law and fellow housewife Melissa Gorga revealed to everybody that Teresa was the one who urged Danielle to pull Margaret's hair, everyone was left shocked. Even Teresa was surprised that Danielle threw her under the bus. Margaret refuses to believe that Teresa would ever do anything like that. Melissa, though, doesn’t put it past her sister-in-law to do something so vile, so she directly asks Teresa if she did it.
Teresa doesn't deny it but immediately pins the blame on her drinking for her behavior that day. She explains that she had been drinking a lot and things happened so quickly that she couldn't think. She then reiterates that considering all that Margaret has done to Danielle, she was angry with Margaret, so she may have egged on Danielle to pull her fellow housewife's hair.


After this confession, Teresa throws her drink at Dolores Catania and storms off while cursing the production team for filming it.

Fans were left feeling annoyed with the housewife for blaming alcohol for her actions instead of taking responsibility and apologizing.

A fan tweeted, "Don't blame the liquor @Teresa_Giudice you knew exactly what you were doing. How many times can you play the victim? You can never admit when you are wrong. Team @MargaretJosephs #RHONJ."

Another fan wrote, "Teresa is trying to blame it on the alcohol! Then she gets mad at the producers for showing what really happened! U shouldn't have told that looney tune to put her hands on Margaret. U know Danielle is crazy! #RHONJ."
"Only Jamie Foxx can blame it on the alcohol, Teresa. Not you. That’s just a shitty excuse #RHONJ," joked a fan. Another fan felt sorry for Margaret and said, "Teresa said blame it on the alcohol. Poor Margaret #RHONJ."

Another angry fan said, "#teresa is a true #criminal stop Blaming it on #alcohol  I fn hate her. Greedy, thief, and her daughters will be just like her. The apple don't fall too far from the treeeeee #RHONJ. (sic)" 
You can catch Part 1 of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 10 reunion on March 4 at 8 pm only on Bravo.

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