'RHONJ': David's interest in the interior designer has fans speculating about why he won't commit to Dolores

'RHONJ': David's interest in the interior designer has fans speculating about why he won't commit to Dolores
Dolores Catania and David Principe (Bravo)

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ fans believe they know why housewife Dolores Catania’s boyfriend David Principe won’t commit to her and the reason might leave you shocked. Whenever the topic of their relationship was broached or the talk of their future together came up, David always ensured he kept Dolores reeled in by asking her to wait until his house was done being built and then they would discuss their future together.
David played it very smartly by neither confirming nor denying his interest in getting engaged to Dolores. He never hung out with her socially, thanks to his demanding job as a doctor, whenever Dolores tried to talk to him about their relationship or asked him for the commitment he always shot her down. But now that the house is almost ready and they are decorating the interiors, David’s time to stall his relationship with Dolores too is coming to an end.
On the latest episode of ‘RHONJ’, we saw Dolores and David meet up with their interior designer, Sam to discuss the design for the house. When David walked in and saw Dolores and Sam, he just greeted Dolores and went over to Sam and hugged him and complimented the designer on his dapper suit, saying he looked amazing.
Hawk-eyed fans noticed that there seemed to be more chemistry between David and Sam, rather than between him and his girlfriend. Fans began wondering if his attraction to Sam is a hint to why he may not be interested in committing to Dolores. A fan tweeted, “Whoa. David was so much more excited to see the decorator! 😬#RHONJ.” Another fan wrote, “I think I just figured out why David is not taking his relationship with Dolores as serious as she is. He REALLY complimented Sam and his look but barely gave her a hello and a mom kiss #RHONJ.”
“I think David likes the designer! #RHONJ,” revealed a fan. Another fan expressed, “Ummm, is it just me or did I notice a vibe between David & the Interior Designer, Sam??? 😮 Hmmm, maybe that's why David won't commit... 🤔 #RHONJ.” “David greeted the designer with more warmth than he greeted Delores with. I don't understand their relationship at all. #RHONJ,” shared a confused fan. Another fan wrote, “Anybody else get the vibe that David and the interior designer want each other bad?  I'm probably just being dramatic but this man just seems all wrong for Doloris. #RHONJ.”
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