RHONJ's Danielle Staub, engaged 21 times, has led an intriguing life with a few skeletons in her closet

There is no other housewife on the 'Real Housewives' franchise who has a more controversial and shady past than Danielle Staub. A peek into her very interesting life, so far

                            RHONJ's Danielle Staub, engaged 21 times, has led an intriguing life with a few skeletons in her closet
Danielle Staub (Getty Images)

From locking lips with Mick Jagger to being engaged 21 times, former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Danielle Staub has certainly lived a very interesting life. This very interesting reality star graced our screens thanks to her brief stint as a housewife in the first two seasons of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’. Although the 57-year-old star quit the show after just two seasons, she has made sure nobody who has ever watched the show will ever forget her.
In case you are curious to know more about one of the most controversial housewives on the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, then you have come to the right place. To start off with, she wasn’t born Danielle Staub, her name at the time of birth was Beverly Ann Merrill. In an episode of season 10, we saw Jennifer Aydin reveal this interesting tidbit to her fellow housewives, which she heard from her hairdresser. This is when Dolores Catania steps in and reveals that owing to Staub's very colorful past involving drugs, kidnapping and other illegal activities she needed to change her name to protect her identity and herself.


In season 1 we saw Staub’s skeletons in the closet come out for the world to see thanks to one of the ex-husband’s memoir. Her first husband, Kevin Maher, who worked as an FBI informant, revealed several secrets about the reality star in his memoir titled ‘Cop Without a Badge’. In fact, the world got to know about her birth name thanks to the book, including an account of her arrest on charges of kidnapping and possession. The topic of her arrest has been brought up several times on the show much to the former housewife’s dismay.
If you thought the former housewife’s criminal past was intriguing, wait till you hear about her equally intriguing personal life. Can you believe she has been engaged not once or twice, but a whopping 21 times! Yes, you read that right. In the first season of ‘RHONJ’, it was revealed that the reality star was engaged 19 times. Since then the housewife managed to get two more proposals under her belt. Despite being engaged 21 times, the reality star walked down the aisle just three times.

Over the years, Staub ensured that our jaws hit the floor by revealing little snippets of her shenanigans in the boudoir. She once revealed that she has slept with over 1,000 men over the years! She added a disclaimer to her claims by revealing that it was always with just “one partner at a time”. The reality star also claimed in her earlier interviews that she kissed Mick Jagger, Prince and Don Johnson, although the exact details of these encounters are not known. Love or hate her, you can’t deny that no other housewife on the franchise comes even close to Staub when it comes to scandals and drama in their lives. We will certainly miss seeing her on ‘RHONJ’ following her announcement to never return to the show.

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