'Real Housewives of Dallas' Reunion: Brandi calls out LeeAnne for being racist but fans label her a 'hypocrite'

'RHOD' fans felt that Brandi was being a "hypocrite" for calling out LeeAnne for her racist comments, since her video of mocking Asians began doing the rounds on social media

                            'Real Housewives of Dallas' Reunion: Brandi calls out LeeAnne for being racist but fans label her a 'hypocrite'
Brandi Redmond (Getty Images)

If you watched the 'Real Housewives of Dallas' reunion, you would know that Brandi took a pretty strong stance against LeeAnne's racist comments.

Right before host Andy Cohen got into the topic of the housewife's racist comments, Brandi got up and left the stage, and came back with a chair. She demanded that LeeAnne be seated in that chair because she didn’t want to be associated with LeeAnne, and was ashamed of being in her company.
Fans would have loved Brandi's strong opinion about racism if it wasn't for her racist video. Last week an old video of Brandi mocking Asians about their slant eyes began doing the rounds on social media.

The housewife received immense backlash for her insensitive portrayal of Asians and was also called out for being a racist.


In the light of that video resurfacing, fans found it hard to take Brandi’s stance against LeeAnne seriously. A fan tweeted, "Brandi’s comments are tough to watch now that her own problematic vide has been dropped #RHOD."

Another fan tweeted, "It’s downright cringey watching Brandi put on this big show, in light of the video that came out afterwards. #RHOD #RHODReunion" while a fan pointed out, "Brandi acting all high and mighty about LeeAnn racist remarks, then her racist video pops out last week... girl.... #RHOD #RHODreunion."
Her over-the-top reaction of pulling out a chair for LeeAnne didn’t sit well with fans either. A fan tweeted, "Brandi calling LeeAnne our with a chair is COMICAL given her racist bullshit. #RHODReunion #RHOD #BravoTV."

Another fan wrote, "Oh, WOOOOOOOOOW Brandi, you should've pulled out a chair for yourself too. This is unbelievable and racist as hell. And if this was after LeeAnne's racist comments on the show, then you haven't learned sh*t @BrandiRedmond #RHOD #RHODReunion."

"@BrandiRedmond needs to STFU with her indignant hypocritical ass. You double-downed and said you did nothing wrong. Now you’re apologetic. Save it. @Andy if LeeAnne gets fired, I hope Brandi gets the same treatment. #RHODReunion #rhod," expressed a fan.

"Brandi is the biggest goddamn hypocrite everything she said to leeanne could be applied to her also #RHOD”, wrote a fan. “Where's YOUR CENTER CHAIR Brandi!!! Hypocrite!!!! #RHOD," pointed out a fan.

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