‘Real Housewives of Dallas': LeeAnne breaks down after being called racist, fans slam her for 'fake tears'

'RHOD' fans question the authenticity of LeeAnne's tears and apology to Kary during the final reunion.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Dallas': LeeAnne breaks down after being called racist, fans slam her for 'fake tears'
LeeAnne Locken (Bravo)

While watching Part II of ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ reunion, we had way too many thoughts and reactions about LeeAnne Locken’s response to being called racist by her fellow housewives. The producers were smart enough to save the best for the last, and the last few minutes of the reunion focussed around LeeAnne’s racist comments.
Right off the bat, Andy begins reading the tweets and comments of fans calling out LeeAnne for her racist tweets. He then goes around asking the housewives if they thought LeeAnne’s comments were racist, to which all the housewives unanimously agreed that her comments definitely were racist. He then finally lets LeeAnne share her side of the story. While explaining that her choice of words in that heated moment was wrong and that looking back she felt bad about the way she carried herself, she ends up crying.
She then gives a heartfelt apology to Kary for her insensitive comments and cries her eyes out while doing the same. Kary finally accepted Leeanne’s apology, but fans were having questions about LeeAnne’s apology, especially the crying. Several fans felt that her tears were “fake”. A fan wrote, “LeeAnne is making herself look worse with the fake crying. She is not producing any tears & her eyes weren't even watering. She really makes it look like she isn't sorry for what she has said & done & she is only doing it for the cameras.  #RHOD”. Another fan tweeted, “F**k LeeAnne and her crocodile tears. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #RHOD”.


“LeeAnne was pushing so hard to squeeze out a tear I think she might have pooped a little #RHOD #RHODReunion,” joked a fan. Considering she had a tough time getting the waterworks out, fans were questioning the authenticity of her tears.

A fan shared, “#RHOD and LeeAnne with her apology to Kary and the no tears cry !  What is it with these wives who cannot eke out a tear when apologizing? Not really sorry ?”.
Many fans felt that LeeAnne wasn’t crying because she was ashamed of her actions or feeling guilty about her comments, she was crying because she might soon be fired from the show. A fan tweeted, “Okay fake tears, leeanne isn’t upset about what she said she’s upset because of the people’s reaction and her potentially being fired #rhod”.

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Leeanne has the im going to lose a check tears!!! YOU LIVE IN TX you know damn well it’s derogatory! I do believe her when she says “I’m from TX “We” call our nationalities all the time” though🙄 #RHOD”.

“I think these tears are ridiculous. LeeAnne seems to be crying from the obvious axe she’s going to be getting from the show. They lined the woman up and they were honest in calling her out on her racist comments. #RHOD sending @karybrittingham love xo”, shared a fan.

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