‘Real Housewives of Dallas’: LeeAnne says Dallas 'high society' is very 'judgy', fans wonder how she's living there

'RHOD' housewife LeeAnne Locken tries to manipulate Kameron Westcott by saying that the Dallas high society would judge her for her visit to the red-light area of Thailand.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’: LeeAnne says Dallas 'high society' is very 'judgy', fans wonder how she's living there

Last season of ‘RHOD’ was filled with LeeAnne Locken and her obsession with the “high society” of Dallas. She kept trying to end D’Andra Simmons and Brandi Redmond’s friendship because according to her the society would judge D’Andra for keeping Brandi as her company, who LeeAnne thinks is not worthy of D’Andra’s friendship. Unfortunately for LeeAnne, the duo continue to be good friends while her friendship with D’Andra ended.
On the latest episode of ‘RHOD’ LeeAnne again brought in the topic of the mysterious Dallas “high society” and its judgy behavior to her new ally Kameron Westcott. The housewife tells Kam that because she visited the red-light area of Thailand, the Dallas high society would judge her and outcast her. Kam then begins worrying about her reputation, which according to LeeAnne had been tarnished.
Fans weren’t pleased with LeeAnne’s “judgy” high society argument, because they felt that if Dallas was indeed such a place then how could she have been accepted into the society, considering her past. A fan tweeted, “If Dallas is so judgy how is LeeAnne part of its society? #RHOD”.

Another fan wrote, “At this point, Leeanne needs to worry about how “Dallas high society” is going to judge her #RHOD”.
Another fan pointed out, “LeeAnne has some 1950s idea of how society works. Everyone in Dallas will be judgy because Cam walked through the red light district like every tourist does? I doubt if they care. Besides, they have accepted you LeeAnne and you grew up on the Tilt-a-Whirl.#RHOD”.

Another fan commented, “There’s times when I love LeeAnne, but when she tries to lecture the genuine society women (D’Andra last SE hanging out w Brandi, and now Kam & this 2-minute ping-pong visit) about how they should behave is nonsense, esp when Her behaviors hardly been society appropriate 🤐 #RHOD”.
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