‘Real Housewives of Dallas’: Fans ask D’Andra to stop complaining about her mother and focus on business

D'Andra Simmons fought hard to get the family business but little did she go through the documents to find the real state of it.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’: Fans ask D’Andra to stop complaining about her mother and focus on business

RHOD housewife D’Andra Simmons battled with her mother, Mamma Dee, tooth and nail to get complete ownership of the family business. After several years of bickering and petty fights, D’Andra finally got what she wanted, but, unfortunately, when she was handed over the ownership to the business, it was tanking. Our dear old housewife failed to do any due diligence or go through documents before happily grabbing on to it. So, now, we see D’Andra running from pillar to post trying to keep the business afloat.

She met up with fellow housewife Stephanie Hollman’s husband, Travis Hollman, to get his expert opinion on what she can do to save it. In an earlier episode, we saw D’Andra learning that the cashflow was bad, and the company has just about 90 days before it has to be shut down. When she explains it to Travis, he asks her why she wants to run the business. She explains about legacy and talks extensively about how much her mother has put into the company. After hearing her out, Travis feels that she should cut down on her overhead costs, which includes shutting down the office and moving the business to her home and firing some employees.
We later see D’Andra crying her eyes out to her husband, Jeremy Lock, about how she feels betrayed by her mother and can’t imagine starting all over again at the age of 50. She conveniently places all the blame on her mother. She even goes on to blame her mother for the wrong choices she made in terms of her career.


Fans weren’t having it. Fans felt that D’Andra should stop blaming her mother and take control of the situation and make some changes. A fan tweeted, “D’Andra stop blaming your mother!!!!! Stop crying, there’s no crying in baseball so there’s no crying in running a business. If you’re serious abt running your own business, then do it. Make your mother eat crow by saving the company! #RHOD”. Another fan pointed, “D’Andra is questioning closing her office & working out of her home? It puts your company in a cash positive, you do it. Quit blaming your mom & step up. $8000/mth is huge. And if you can’t lay ppl off, you can’t be a boss. #RHOD."
Several fans found D’Andra’s hesitation to close her company office a bit odd. A fan wrote, “Is D’Andra really worried about moving her office to her mansion?! It’s not where you work that matters. #RHOD." Fans couldn’t stop reiterating to D’Andra that she focuses more on her business and less on whining about her sad situation “I like D'Andra for some many reasons, but for the love of God, please stop whining about the company that was handed to you. It's not earning you sympathy points. #RHOD”. Another fan shared, “I wish D'Andra realized that most people who start a business start at the bottom. If you're serious, quit crying and roll up your sleeves.  #RHOD."

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