Will LeeAnne Locken return to 'RHOD' Season 6 after allegedly leaking Bryan Redmond's cheating video?

'Not #RHOD setting LeeAnne up for a comeback. They need the ratings, babe,' commented a fan

                            Will LeeAnne Locken return to 'RHOD' Season 6 after allegedly leaking Bryan Redmond's cheating video?
Former 'RHOD' star LeeAnne Locken's name was brought up during the show's reunion (LeeAnne Locken/ Instagram)

The Season 5 reunion of 'Real Housewives of Dallas' is turning out to be an explosive affair. Just as we were beginning to wrap our head around Kary Brittingham making the bombshell announcement of her divorce with Eduardo Brittingham, there's another serious juicy drama in store for us during the final part of the reunion.

In the preview clip for the reunion finale, we see Brandi Redmond finally addressing the hot topic that's been on everyone's mind — her husband Brian Redmond's viral cheating video. A video of a man who bore striking resemblance to the housewife's husband was filmed kissing a dark-haired woman at a club. The video immediately went viral with everybody speculating it to be Brandi's husband. Since the video was circulated after the show was filmed, we couldn't catch the housewife's response to it, but it looks like we will finally get it. 


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But the video also managed to stir up quite some issues in Brandi's household. The housewife revealed during the reunion that some fan sent the video to Brandi's daughter. The housewife can be seen breaking into tears while explaining that her daughter witnessed her father kissing another woman. Andy Cohen can be seen wondering how the video found its way on the Internet, Brandi responds by saying that everybody knows who might be behind it. Stephanie Hollman and D'Andra Simmons nod in agreement. Andy was still puzzled about the culprit behind leaking the video so D'Andra immediately chimes in, saying that it could be former housewife LeeAnne Locken's doing by pointing out how she holds on to incriminating things against others and brings it up years later to make a person look and feel bad. Stephanie too agrees with D'Andra and points out how LeeAnne is allegedly feeling mad at everybody because Brandi was allowed to stay on the show while she was given the boot. Once LeeAnne's name got thrown into the mix, fans had some strong feelings about it. Read on to know more.

Is Bravo setting up the stage for LeeAnne Locken's return?

OG housewife LeeAnne Locken had to quit the popular reality show after she made some racist remarks against her fellow housewife Kary Brittingham. The housewife was at the receiving end of all the wrath from fans. In order to defend LeeAnne, her wedding planner leaked an old video clip of Brandi Redmond mocking Asians inappropriately. When the video resurfaced on the internet, everybody was mad at Brandi.

Through the course of Season 5, we saw Brandi dealing with the aftermath of her old racist video resurfacing on the internet. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her woes. After the season ended filming, the video of her husband kissing another woman went viral, which again put Brandi in the spotlight. While the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was trying to manage the situation, a fan reportedly sent the cheating video to her 11-year-old daughter Brooklyn Redmond. This left the housewife feeling even more upset and disturbed.

When Brandi shared this during the reunion, D'Andra Simmons began suspecting foul play and accused LeeAnne Locken of being behind the whole unfortunate incident. When fans heard LeeAnne's name being dropped during the reunion, they felt that it was Bravo's way of setting the stage for the former housewife's return to the show. A fan tweeted, "Not #RHOD setting LeeAnne up for a comeback. They need the ratings, babe." Another fan seconded with, "I know you lying. Lmfaooooooo That’s why we need her back on the show!"



You can watch the reunion clip here:


Fans also began debating whether LeeAnne might have had a role in the video being sent to Brandi's daughter. A fan wrote, "If its true, LeeAnne is a sicko. A PSYCHO! I think she's so disgusting either way." Another unsurprised fan shared, "The Dallas reunion was actually really good!! Tiffany carried it. But is anyone surprised that LeeAnne sent the cheating video to Brandi’s daughters??? I’m not! She’s crazy!!! #RHOD." A supporter of LeeAnne declared, "It's so convenient that they're going to blame LeeAnne (the one woman who wasn't there) for the cheating video! How about you stop blaming and just admit that your husband is trash! #RHOD."




Neither LeeAnne nor Bravo made any official announcement about the former star's return nor the cast of Season 6. So we will just have to wait for the official announcement to see if the OG housewife will return next season.

'Real Housewives of Dallas' Season 5's reunion finale will air on Tuesday, May 11, at 10/9c only on Bravo.

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