'RHOC': Did Shannon really call Gina's house 'sad and depressing'? Fans divided over Braunwyn passing blame

While some 'RHOC' fans are calling Shannon out for being a 'snob', others are labelling Braunwyn as 'slimy' for distorting the truth

                            'RHOC': Did Shannon really call Gina's house 'sad and depressing'? Fans divided over Braunwyn passing blame
Braunwyn Windham Burke and Shannon Beador (Getty Images)

'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Gina Kirschenheiter's new house is certainly at the centre of a lot of drama on Season 15 of the show. It all began with Gina moving into a 1700 sq ft townhouse along with her new boyfriend Travis and their children. When Braunwyn Windham Burke heard about Gina's new home from Shannon Beador, she had some thoughts about her fellow housewife's living situation.

Braunwyn could be seen expressing how it must be "awful" for Gina and Travis's children to be cramped up in such a small home. Although Shannon didn't explicitly agree with Braunwyn's assessment, she expressed that Gina was making it work by using up every square inch of the house very tactfully. Braunwyn and Gina never got along but things got a lot worse after Gina felt that Braunwyn's husband Sean, was making a move on her. 

One night, Sean helped Gina reportedly find a cab and get home safely after an evening of heavy drinking. A little later that evening, Sean texted Gina enquiring if she reached home safely and in the same text mentioned that Braunwyn was asleep. When Gina saw the text, she felt very uncomfortable and felt that it was inappropriate of Sean to text her. Braunwyn wasn't pleased with Gina's reaction so she began going around town taking shots at Gina and her new home. 

When Braunwyn was finally confronted by Gina's close friend, Emily Simpson about it, she admitted that she had been taking shots at Gina. She then added that she wasn't the only one talking about Gina's home and that even Shannon Beador was involved in it. Braunwyn then told Emily that Shannon called Gina's place "sad" or "depressing" and that she wasn't sure which adjective her fellow housewife used.

But by the time Emily relayed the information to Gina, it turned into Shannon calling Gina's home both "sad and depressing". An upset Gina confronted Shannon about it and Shannon denied all the allegations against her and accused Braunwyn of putting words in her mouth. Meanwhile, Braunwyn insisted that Shannon did utter those words and her husband Sean could attest to it because he was present at that time. 

After hearing both sides, fans were divided over whether Shannon called Gina's home "sad and depressing " or not. Several fans felt that Shannon wouldn't have said it because if she had uttered those words then Bravo would have shown footage of it.

A fan tweeted, "Unless #Bravo wasn't filming when the Shannon/Braunwyn conversation happened, then right now I believe Shannon bc almost always when there's she said-she said argument Bravo always flashes back to the guilty party saying what they are denying.#rhoc." Another fan wrote, "Braunwynn is such a liar! Shannon never said the home was sad, and she never said, "I will deny it to the end"! What fantasy world is she living in? #rhoc."

"Braunwyn is so slimy. She's making this about Shannon when it's on camera of her talking sh*t about Gina's house. She pushed the blame on Shannon and is lying #RHOC," commented another fan.






Many other fans felt that Shannon might have called Gina's house sad and depressing. A fan expressed, "Shannon absolutely talked smack about Gina’s house. She’s a snob & always makes entitled comments. When caught, she gets haughty & indignant... knowing damn well she said it. She had me fooled for years with her victim act. When the real Shannon showed up, it wasn’t pretty. #rhoc."

"We all know Shannon said it. Why would Braunwyn lie!? She just told the world she’s an alchy for Pete’s sake. #RHOC," pointed a fan. "#RHOC okay honestly I love Gina and how honest she is. I am an alcoholic too and need a Gina in my life. BUT.. do I think Shannon said that? ... absolutely. Own up to your sh*t Shannon. You can’t hide from your own fakeness. @Andy," shared a fan. 






'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 15 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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