'RHOC' alum Tamra Judge goes topless before removing breast implants: 'Bye bye boobies'

Tamra Judge has spoken openly about her breast implants and facelifts that she had done on her to help her look stunning

                            'RHOC' alum Tamra Judge goes topless before removing breast implants: 'Bye bye boobies'
'RHOC' alum Tamra Judge (Instagram)

Among the many things that tickle the fancy of 'Real Housewives' stars is plastic surgery. While some housewives prefer to keep the fact that they went under the knife a secret, many others are very open and forthcoming about it. One such star who has never shied away from admitting that she had to resort to a scalpel and a knife to attain a youthful and flawless body is none other than former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Tamra Judge.

Tamra has spoken openly about her breast implants and facelifts that she had done on her to help her look stunning. However, the 53-year-old former reality star seems to be 'tired' of her breast implants and ready to kiss them goodbye. On Tuesday, the 'Vena CBD' owner took to her Instagram stories to express that she is "tired of being tired and inflamed" due to her implants. She also posted a topless picture of herself with orange emojis covering her breasts, from a pre-op appointment with her plastic surgeon Dr Milind Ambe of Newport Surgical Center. 


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Former 'RHOC' star Tamra Judge (Tamra Judge/ Instagram)

She captioned her topless picture with "Explant surgery pre-op bye bye boobies." After posting a selfie with her plastic surgeon Dr Ambe, the reality star revealed why she was getting an explant during Instagram Q&A with her followers. Her followers were puzzled about why Tamra was getting another explant, since she had revealed in the past that she already had her implants removed. Tamra clarified their doubts by explaining that she did have an explant 9 years ago, but got a small implant again 5 years ago. She wrote, "5 years ago I put very small 125CC implants. I can't wait to be rid of those very small implants."

When one of the followers asked her why she was getting them removed, she said it was due to her "autoimmune issues", and further elaborated that she was tired of "being tired and inflamed". She also admitted that she wouldn't have "rushed" to have her implants removed if it wasn't for her autoimmune issues. But the former 'RHOC' star confirmed that she was "getting a lift" after her breast implants are removed.

Aside from breast implants, Tamra also had some work done to her face. In 2017, she revealed that she had a lower facelift and eye tuck. She posted on her Instagram, "I'm getting an overwhelming amount of messages about my surgery. I thought I'd post some of your answers here. My doctor's name is Dr Milind Ambe of Newport Beach, @milindambemd you've probably seen him on the show before. These pics were taking all within the first week. Yes I was scared s**tless! But I've seen Dr Ambe's work on my Mom and knew I was in good hands."


"I wanted a very natural look and it's exactly what he's known for. There was little pain and bruising involved (everyone is different) the hardest part for me was staying still for 2 weeks. On day 12 I got the stomach flu which sucked! Today it's been 17 days and I feel great, my neck is still stiff and my ears and jawline are slightly swollen and numb. That will all change in a few weeks. Incisions are behind my ear and hairline, under my chin. If you have any personal questions send me an email [email protected] I'm open and honest about it because I want women to know that everyone gets old even people on TV and there is nothing wrong with growing old gracefully if that's what you want... It's just not for me! 😂. I like to keep it real! #lowerfacelift #eyetuck. #callitacomeback 😂," she added. 

Hopefully, Tamra feels better after her explant.

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