'Real Housewives of Orange County': Fans want Orange County Fashion Show president Kathy Marino to be a regular on the show

'Real Housewives of Orange County': Fans want Orange County Fashion Show president Kathy Marino to be a regular on the show

To upstage the housewives of Orange County, you’ll have to have an exceptional flair for drama. On the recently aired episode 12 of RHOC, we saw a lady called Kathy Marino singlehandedly take down some of the fiercest housewives on the show.

The episode which aired on October 22, saw the housewives make their way to Orange County Fashion show to support new housewife Braunwyn Wyndham-Burke’s daughter, Rowan, and Shannon Beador's daughter, Adeline, at the show.
Everything seemed to be going well until one of the organizers of the show grabbed Dr. Deb's (Braunwyn’s mother) arm and questioned where she was going. Dr. Deb didn't appreciate this and soon a small argument broke out between the organizers and the guest.

Braunwyn caught wind of the trouble and quickly intervened and pulled aside the president of the fashion show — Kathryn Marino aka Kathy, asking her to apologize to her mother for their rude behavior.

Kelly Dodd too joined the new housewife and explained that the situation was unacceptable. Kathy didn’t appreciate her guests' behaviour and a heated argument broke out between both parties.

Kathy pressed the mic she was holding in her hand against Kelly's mouth, in turn hurting Kelly. Kelly was shocked by the organizer's behaviour. Kathy then went a step ahead and began giving a speech about bullying and called out the housewives for bullying her.



Fans found the exchange between the housewives and Kathy very entertaining and are now demanding that she be given an orange and made a housewife on the show.

A fan wrote, “OMG this speech on the mic about anti bullying. Kathy The Mic has been the best part of this season so far. I can't remember being this entertained in a long time on this show #RHOC."

Many fans began expressing their desire to see more of Kathy on the show. "Who is Kathy and how do we get her a regular spot on this show that was a stellar performance and the only part of this episode worth watching  #RHOC," expressed a fan.


Another fan shared, "As this week’s episode ended I couldn't help but wonder how much better OC would be if Bravo replaced Tamra with Kathy, the microphone lady.  #RHOC #BravoTV #SATC #SexandtheCity."

Fans are already anticipating all the drama that would come along if the fashion show president is brought on the show.

A fan tweeted, "@RHOC_KellyDodd You NEED to get Kathy on the show!! She seems like someone who is an independent thinker and isn’t overly sensitive. A worthy opponent for you  #RHOC."
Would you like to see Kathy as a new housewife on the show? Let us know. Catch all the drama and fun from the latest season 14 of 'Real Housewives of Orange Country' every Tuesday at 9/8c only on Bravo.


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