'RHOC': Who are top 5 richest housewives? Heather Dubrow to Elizabeth Vargas, the powerhouses of Orange County

The 'RHOC' housewives live a lavish lifestyle, which requires a fair amount of money to maintain and here is a list of five of the richest

                            'RHOC': Who are top 5 richest housewives? Heather Dubrow to Elizabeth Vargas, the powerhouses of Orange County
Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow and Elizabeth Lyn Varas (Getty Images/ Bravo)

The ladies of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' can be called the pioneers of our favorite reality show franchise — 'The Real Housewives'. If you ever watched Bravo's popular reality show, you would have noticed that the housewives who appear on the show seem to live an extremely extravagant lifestyle. On the show, we get glimpses of their larger-than-life lifestyle which is often filled with dining at the finest restaurants to regular botox and filler appointments. These housewives sure know how to both make and spend the money. 

The recently premiered Season 15 of 'RHOC' saw nearly all the housewives move into bigger houses citing that they needed more space. Living in Orange County is definitely an expensive affair and maintaining the lifestyle that the housewives are used to certainly requires a certain net worth. While all the housewives look relatively well-off, some are way wealthier than the others. Here is a list of five housewives of Orange County, whose net worth might leave you surprised.

1. Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow speaks at Create & Cultivate Los Angeles at Rolling Greens Los Angeles on February 22, 2020, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

A combination of her long acting career and marrying plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow has ensured that the former 'RHOC' housewife tops the list of the wealthiest housewives. With an estimated net worth of whopping $50M, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Heather is undoubtedly the richest housewife of the franchise. Before marrying Terry, Heather starred in shows such as 'That's Life', 'Hawaii-Five-O' and 'Stark Raving Md'. She appeared on 'RHOC' from Season 7 to 11. Although she no longer stars on the popular reality show, Heather has been keeping herself busy with her podcast and YouTube channel. Heather's husband Terry is also a star in his own right. He stars in his own show called 'Botched' where he fixes bad plastic surgery jobs of his clients. Prior to that, he appeared on 'Bridesplasty' and 'Ugly Swan'. 

2. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas (Bravo)

Vargas may be the newest addition to the cast of 'Real Housewives of Orange County', but she is already making waves among the housewives with her jet-setting lifestyle. The premiere episode of Season 15 of 'RHOC' saw the other housewives discussing Vargas's private helicopter, her enviable houses and her fancy lifestyle. And turns out, her network is $30M, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Elizabeth came from a humble background, and according to her Bravo bio she was born and raised in Missouri and always dreamt of having a luxurious lifestyle on the sandy beaches of Orange County. When she was in college, she met and fell in love with Bernt Bodal, who introduced her to the finer things in life. Unhappy with just being a millionaire's arm-candy, Elizabeth founded an online music video streaming service called Edge Music Network. Bernt and Elizabeth were married for 17 years and their divorce has been going on for the past three years now. Her net worth will definitely see a spike following her divorce.

3. Lizzie Rovsek

TV personality Lizzie Rovsek attends Shoebox's 29th Birthday Celebration hosted by Rob Riggle at The Improv on June 10, 2015, in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Rovsek appeared in just one season of 'RHOC', but the former reality star is wealthier than most of the housewives who star on the franchise. Prior to joining the hit reality show, Lizzie was a popular model who participated in several beauty pageants. She became very popular thanks to her brief stint on 'RHOC'.

Lizzie was born into a wealthy family. Her father, Benjamin A Arnold is the founder and CEO of a Kentucky company called Image Analysis which owns patents on a wide variety of medical devices. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lizzie's estimated net worth is $25M. She founded and launched her own fashion business called Sun Kitten Swimwear, which specializes in high-end swimwear for women. Her signature swimsuits are reportedly encrusted with diamonds and retail for around $110. The fabric is imported from Italy, the jewels used on the swimsuits are brought in from China, while the beadwork is carried out in India.

4. Lauri Peterson

TV personality Lauri Peterson attends the premiere party for Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' 10 year celebration at Boulevard3 on June 16, 2016, in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Lauri Peterson is an OG housewife who amassed her wealth through her appearance on 'RHOC' and also marrying successful California real estate developer George Peterson. Lauri appeared in the first four seasons of 'RHOC' and returned as a friend during Season 8. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is estimated to be worth $20M. At the time of her debut on the show, we saw her divorcing Peterson.

5. Shannon Storms Beador

Beador shares her new-found solution, INNOVO - a first-in-class, wearable, FDA-cleared device that treats the root cause of stress urinary incontinence in just 12 weeks (Getty Images)

Shannon Beador may not be the richest housewife of the 'RHOC' franchise, but she is the richest among the current roster of housewives featured on the show. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shannon is estimated to be worth $20M. Shannon joined the cast of 'RHOC' during Season 9. She was introduced as the wife of a highly successful construction company owner, David Beador. In 2017, Shannon filed for divorce from David after 17 years of marriage. As part of their divorce settlement, he was ordered to pay $30,000 per month as spousal support, which was eventually brought down to $22,500 per month. Aside from her child and spousal support fund, Shannon makes her money through her stint on 'RHOC', and social media promotions.

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