'RHOC' Season 15: Braunwyn judges Gina's 'small house', fans say 'not everyone can afford 8,000sqft mansion'

'RHOC' Season 15: Braunwyn judges Gina's 'small house', fans say 'not everyone can afford 8,000sqft mansion'
Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Gina Kirschenheiter (Getty Images)

Season 15 of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' seems to be all about the new beginnings for the ladies. Almost all the cast members got something new in their life, from new romance to a new hip. After enduring a painful divorce during Season 14 of 'RHOC', Gina Kirschenheiter seems to be finally ready to move on with her life. During the premiere episode, we saw several huge changes in Gina's life.

For starters, Gina was extremely proud of herself for overcoming her tough situation with the father of her children and her former husband, Matt Kirschenheiter. She then happily showed off her brand new townhouse she moved into, alongside her new boyfriend, Travis. The townhouse looked cozy and comfortable, while Gina happily gave a tour of it to her fellow housewife, Shannon Beador.

Travis moved into Gina's home with his three kids. Since the house isn't large enough for the kids to have their own individual separate rooms, the couple converted one of the bedrooms into a kids' room and placed bunkbeds in there for the kids to sleep in. Shannon was impressed with how innovatively Gina used up space. Later, when Shannon met up with her other fellow housewife, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who also happened to move into her own new home, things quickly took a turn. 

Braunwyn showed off her swanky 8,000 square-feet home to Shannon and explained why the family moved out from their old home into the current one, as they needed more space. Finally, when the housewives sat down to talk, Shannon mentioned about Gina's home. Braunwyn asked Shannon for the details of her fellow housewife's home, and when she heard about the small house and bunk-beds, she remarked how awful it must be. 

When fans heard Braunwyn's remarks, they weren't pleased with it. Several fans took to their Twitter to remind Braunwyn that not everybody can afford a mansion. A fan tweeted, "Yikes...@braunwyn showing off her 8,000 sq foot mansion in Newport- then shaming Gina for having a condo a minute later is not a good look. Good for you having means to pay for that house, but most of us in the OC don’t live in multi-million dollar homes and make it work #RHOC." Another fan wrote, "Braunwyn is judging Gina. Not everyone can afford a 8,000 square foot home #RHOC." "Braunwyn shaming Gina for living in a “tiny condo” when in fact she OWNS HER OWN TOWNHOUSE was a bad look.  #RHOC," commented a fan.




Another fan pointed, "Braunwyn talking about how Gina’s kids bunk bed rooms in a “small house” is so out of touch with how normal people live #RHOC @BravoTV." "#RHOC Braunwyn shaming Gina’s townhome is pretty low... really really low," shared a fan.



'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 15 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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