Is RHOC's Kelly Dodd a Mensa kid? Housewife slammed for downplaying BLM, fans call her 'ignorant and entitled'

Kelly's claims of being a 'Mensa kid' is questionable after watching her argue against the BLM movement and oppression

                            Is RHOC's Kelly Dodd a Mensa kid? Housewife slammed for downplaying BLM, fans call her 'ignorant and entitled'
Kelly Dodd (Bravo)

From labeling Covid-19 as a "superflu" to mocking the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement with her insensitive "Drunk Housewives Matter" hat, Kelly Dodd's behavior has left fans feeling appalled. However, the housewife shocked fans further by declaring that she was a "mensa kid" from Arizona while engaging in a heated argument with Braunwyn Windham Burke about privilege and oppression.

It all began when Gina Kirschenheiter was having a casual conversation with Kelly about her fiance Rick Leventhal. Kelly tells Gina that Rick has two daughters, but they don't get along too well, because the daughters think their father is conservative. Gina then points out Rick's job as a host on FOX News and states how anybody would have made the same assumption about Rick due to his job.

Kelly clarifies it by declaring that Rick isn't conservative, and doesn't allow his political views to come into the picture while he is doing his job. She then adds that Rick doesn't like people "rewriting history". Braunwyn who was quietly watching the whole thing jumps in on hearing the words rewriting history. She points out to Kelly that nobody is trying to rewrite history.

Kelly brings up how the protesters pulled down Christopher Colombus' statue and were going down a destructive path. Braunwyn tries explaining to Kelly that the protesters pulled down Colombus' statue because minorities were uncomfortable with having a statue of an oppressor on the streets, and how hundreds of years of peaceful protests didn't accomplish anything so they had to resort to making such a strong statement.

Kelly gets annoyed on hearing Braunwyn's views and slams her saying that she herself is a Latina woman, but has no issue with anything. Braunwyn explains to Kelly how when she goes to a grocery store or anywhere she doesn't have to fear for her life, but Blacks don't have the same privilege. Kelly gets very dismissive about Braunwyn and declares that the housewife wants to live in a communist country. 

Despite Braunwyn's best attempts to explain to Kelly that the protesters are just trying to bring about awareness about the BLM movement and have no intention of destroying anything or rewriting history, Kelly refuses to hear her out. In her green room interview, Kelly proudly declares that she's a mensa kid from Arizona and that Barunwyn knows nothing because she never went to a college or had a job, or even travelled outside of the US aside from Hawaii.

Braunwyn, on the other hand, questions Kelly's claims of being a mensa kid. Fans were unhappy with Kelly's stance on the BLM movement, oppression and explained that tearing down a statue isn't rewriting or destroying history.

A fan tweeted, "I love that Kelly Dodd thinks she’s so smart. Sweetie, we’ve been watching you for a few yrs & brains isn’t your strong suit. Anger, sure. Please explain how removal of a statue erases history? I don’t see history books being destroyed or history removed from internet #RHOC."

Another fan wrote, "Yo Kelly I’m educated, held multiple jobs at once, paid bills and made enough to support my whole family and in this case Braunwynn is right (and I don’t often agree with her)... And btw when you work at FOX news you are a conservative, the worst kind... #RHOC." "Kelly is so ignorant and entitled, believing she can say vile sh*t on tv. Then saying she’s Mexican...the f**king nerve. #RHOC," shared an angry fan.






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