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‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans cry 'abuse' as Kelly Dodd demonstrates to her daughter Jolie how to insert tampons

'RHOC' fans felt that Kelly Dodd's insertion of tampons into herself and then her daughter, Jolie to demonstrate how to use it was very "inappropriate" and a form of "abuse".

‘RHOC’ housewife Kelly Dodd and her daughter Jolie share a close bond, and fans got a glimpse of how close their bond is literally on the latest episode. Kelly is seen telling a friend of hers that Jolie got her period and that she taught her how to use tampons. Kelly then goes on to reveal that she demonstrated on how to insert a tampon on herself and later she inserted it into Jolie. While Jolie wasn’t shown during this conversation, and thankfully we didn’t have to see the actual clip of Kelly and Jolie on the show, we hear Jolie all embarrassed as she requests her mother to stop talking about her periods from the other side of the door.

Fans were left feeling that the entire thing was “inappropriate”. A fan wrote, “TOO FAR- I do not need to hear kelly discussing inserting tampons with Jolie. It’s just straight inappropriate   #RHOC”. Another fan expressed, “My mom never showed me how to put a tampon in and our relationship is better for this #RHOC”. Several fans felt that Kelly went a bit too far. “I don’t know what’s worse. Your mom showing you how to insert a tampon (by shoving one in herself and then into her daughter...did I hear that right?!) or your mom sharing that she did that on TV.  Wtf?!  I like Kelly but that is just too far. Poor Jolie.  #RHOC”.

Few fans even felt that what Kelly did was a form of “abuse” and that it might result in some “trauma” to Jolie. A fan commented, “Kelly SHOWED her daughter how to insert a tampon ON HER SELF!?!?! HOOOOO-LEEEE-SHIT!!!!! #rhoc. That’s some abusive behavior right there.”. Another fan tweeted, “#rhoc Kelly seriously just admitted to putting a tampon UP IN on her CHILD HER DAUGHTER. OMG isn't that a form is sexual assault? Seriously gross! I learned by touch and feel trial and error.” “I'm not a girl.. but if I was.. and my mother talked about teaching me how to insert a tampon into my vagina to not only her friend but the entire world... I would not only be humiliated but very traumatized and probably develop some sort of psychological issues #RHOC”, observed a fan.

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