‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans slam Gina for blaming Emily and Shane for setting up date with a committed man

To add to the fans' fury, Gina starts talking bad of Emily and Shane to Tamra and says they set her up on a 'pity date'

                            ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Fans slam Gina for blaming Emily and Shane for setting up date with a committed man

RHOC housewife Gina Kirschenheiter has finally moved on from her ex-husband Matt Kirschenheiter and is ready to enjoy discovering the other fish available in the dating pool. Lucky for the blonde housewife, her dear friend Emily Simpson came to her help and set her up with her husband Shane’s cousin. Gina was very excited to meet Shane’s cousin (whose name hasn’t been disclosed on the show) and made all the necessary arrangements to have a fun night out.

Unfortunately, her date texted Emily saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it because he broke his toe. When Emily tells Gina this, she first begins complaining about her date standing her up and gets upset over it. She even makes some ignorant comments about his injury in her green-room interview. Later, Gina continues texting her date and finds out that he’s already in a relationship. Gina is convinced that Emily and Shane have intentionally set her up with a man who is already in a relationship just as a “pity date” for her and starts bad-mouthing them to her new “friend” Tamra.


Emily later reveals that she had no idea that Shane’s cousin was already seeing somebody and feels bad about it. She tried reaching out to Gina to apologize but Gina wasn’t willing to give her time of the day to Emily. Fans are furious with Gina for believing that her dear friend Emily would do something so terrible to her intentionally.
A fan tweeted, “Really Gina? Emily & Shane have nothing better to do or worry about but setting you up with a douche-bag just to hurt you? AND you believe said douche-bag when he says Emily & Shane knew he had a gf & said its okay? You are as dumb as you look! #RHOC”. Another fan chided the Long-Island native with, “#RHOC Who the hell would put the blame on their very good friend instead of the guy for having a girlfriend?? Gina is acting ridiculous this season I can’t STAND HER. Emily is such a good person and would never set her up on a pity date.”

Several fans were also upset with the reality star for throwing her friend, Emily under the bus for getting closer to Tamra. “Wow, Gina is really throwing Emily under the bus to be friends with Tamra? The lady who talks shit about all her ‘friends’? The lady who is toxic to everyone around her? #RHOC." Many fans reached out to Emily to make her realize that Gina isn’t her true friend and that she deserved better. A fan tweeted, “#RHOC Gina is really trying to make Emily look like the bad guy at any slight inconvenience to her. I hope to god @RealOCEmily you realize this woman is not a true friend.”

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