'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kyle says Denise is being a 'holier than thou' mother, fans call her out

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kyle says Denise is being a 'holier than thou' mother, fans call her out
Kyle Richards and Denise Richards (Getty Images)

For the longest time, Kyle Richards took great pride in being a hands-on mother to her children. She was extremely protective of them and even picked up a few fights with her fellow housewives whenever she felt that they were discussing anything inappropriate around her young children. But when Denise Richards tried doing the same for her children and their friends, Kyle wasn't having it.

In an earlier episode, Denise threw a dinner party for her fellow housewives and their partners. She even had her children and their friends attend the beautiful party hosted in her backyard. Despite taking the necessary precaution such as keeping the children's table farther away from the adult's table, the children still got to hear snippets of the conversations that the adults were having at their table. Considering it was a 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' dinner party, the conversations were highly inappropriate for children. 

The housewives began talking about their colorful sexual experiences in graphic details. Erika Jayne got very graphic in her description and spoke loud enough that the children at the other table turned around to hear what the adults were talking about. Although Denise tried alerting the housewives about the presence of children and to lower their voices, the ladies didn't seem too keen to comply with their hostess's requests, 

A few days later, when Denise confronted the ladies for speaking inappropriate things in front of her children, instead of being apologetic, the women began judging Denise. For instance, in the latest episode, we saw Kyle labeling Denise as 'fake' and displaying a 'holier than thou' attitude for trying to shield her children from overhearing inappropriate conversations. Kyle cited an example from an earlier season when the actress spoke about 'happy endings' to the ladies while they were on a picnic.

Fans didn't seem to side with Kyle and slammed her for not understanding the difference between Denise discussing sex in private with her girlfriends versus the ladies talking about it in front of children. A fan tweeted, "I’m 99% sure most moms are not the same person around their girlfriends versus in front of their children. There’s even a movie “Bad Moms” w/ that exact premise. But Kyle thinks Denise is being fake for it? You can’t compare Ladies camping trip vs a family backyard cookout #RHOBH." Another fan wrote, "Talking about your husband getting a happy ending on a girls trip is different than talking about a threesome or any other sex act with children sitting a few feet away that’s the difference Kyle! It’s not Denise acting “holier than thou“ #RHOBH." 

"Not sure what Kyle and Erika don’t get. The convo about happy endings & cursing was around ALL adults. The convo about threesomes & cursing at Denise’s house was around CHILDREN. There IS a difference.  #RHOBH," pointed out a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "What is Kyle struggling with? Denise asked her to stfu around her kids.  That’s not holier than thou or fake.  That’s hey, there’s mom me and then there’s kid free me.  Kyle should be well aware given her flip out about edibles in Amsterdam Bravo reminded us about today #RHOBH."

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