Is Drew Sidora lying about kiss? 'RHOA' star denies kissing LaToya Ali, fans say she should 'plead the fifth'

'Drew kissed Latoya well that's why they cant get along #rhoa and why is Drew lying?' commented a fan

                            Is Drew Sidora lying about kiss? 'RHOA' star denies kissing LaToya Ali, fans say she should 'plead the fifth'
LaToya Ali accused 'RHOA' star Drew Sidora of 'cheating on her husband' (Bravo)

There's never a dull moment when new cast members LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora are in the same room. The 'RHOA' stars managed to raise quite a few eyebrows during part II of the Season 13 reunion. The host of the reunion/ executive producer Andy Cohen brought up the topic of Kenya Moore and LaToya's relationship. The producer openly wondered about the former beauty queen having a crush on the new cast member. Kenya admitted that she did have a crush on LaToya but they never got intimate, aside from showing the new cast member her butt.

Drew jumped in with her two cents and pointed out how she believed that Kenya and LaToya seemed to be very close and speculated about 'something going on'. When LaToya heard Drew's words she immediately snapped back by teasing Drew about how the housewife too had a little moment with her. LaToya can be heard saying, "But we also had something going on as well Drew!" 


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Did Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali have an affair?

LaToya revealed during the reunion that Drew and she had kissed during Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party. Drew immediately denied her co-star's claims and declared that she was lying. Luckily for LaToya all the other ladies came to her rescue and backed up her claims. Kandi Burruss chimed in by saying that she too heard about the kiss, Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore too agreed. 

When Drew kept saying that all of them were lying, Kenya defended her friends by saying they never lie and have no need to lie about the kiss. But Drew seemed reluctant to admit or agree to have kissed LaToya. Unfortunately for Drew, even fans seem to be convinced that the ladies kissed each other and turned on her by declaring that she was the one lying.

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A fan tweeted, "Drew kissed Latoya well that's why they cant get along #rhoa and why is Drew lying?" Another fan wrote, "Drew STAYS lying I don’t know when she isn’t. She lied about the native American costume she wore, lied about the Latoya Kiss #RHOA."





With Kandi and Porsha Williams confirming that Drew kissed LaToya fans are more convinced than ever about it. A fan commented, "Drew girl you gonna learn never to lie on #rhoa it will cost you. If LaToya and the other women say you kissed LaToya ... you kissed her. You should have said “I plead the fifth” or summ like that." Another fan echied similar thoughts with, "Kandi & Porsha confirmed that Drew kissed LaToya and she still lied about it. Clearly, Ralph does not know the truth about what went down on South Carolina! #RHOA."









Some fans also hoped for Drew not returning for the next season. A fan expressed, "Not Drew trying to act like she didn’t kiss LaToya when everyone else is saying they saw it with their own two eyes. I really hope her contract is not renewed. #RHOA." "Kandi just said Porsha said Drew kissed Latoya. Hello third grade. #RHOA," joked a fan.






Do you think LaToya and Drew kissed? Let us know. 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 13 airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on Bravo. 

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