'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Tanya shuts down Kenya during reunion and fans want her to get Eva's peach

'RHOA' fans think Tanya should be made a housewife after watching how well she handled Kenya during the reunion

                            'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Tanya shuts down Kenya during reunion and fans want her to get Eva's peach
Tanya Sam and Eva Marcille (Getty Images)

For the longest time, fans have been complaining about how they are tired of watching Eva Marcille on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'. The housewife started off as a very promising housewife with a compelling plotline, but eventually, she had no real plotline. She kept making remarks against her fellow housewives, but when she was confronted about it, she always used her pregnancy as an excuse and got out of it. Fans have been urging the showrunners to stop bringing her back on the show, and strip her off her housewife role.

While Eva has failed to deliver, Tanya Sam, who appears on the show as Porsha Williams' friend, has surprised fans with her rather compelling storyline. In just a span of one season, Tanya was amid a lot of drama. She took the housewives to Canada for a carnival, then had to address all the drama with cookie lady, and finally took on Kenya Moore. Fans felt that Tanya had a lot more going than Eva, and maybe it was time for Eva's peach to be handed over to Tanya.

Fans were further convinced that Tanya should be made a housewife after they watched the way she held herself against Kenya. Kenya is known for being a vicious housewife who can read her enemies to filth. But Tanya not only stood up against Kenya, but she also did it with such class — without resorting to screaming, shouting or using cuss words — and fans were impressed. Fans immediately took to Twitter to demand that Tanya be made a housewife in the upcoming season, and Eva be demoted.

A fan tweeted, "Can we retire Eva's tired titties and peach and please hand Tanya her peach. #RHOA." Another fan wrote, "Ok we need to give Tanya a peach and kick out some other girls starting with Eva and Cynthia #RHOA." One more fan shared, "Honestly I’m tired of Eva and idc anymore. Remove her peach and give it to Tanya thank you. #RHOA." Another fan commented, "#RHOA #RHOAVirtualReunion Ok Tanya. I see you girl! You reaching for a Peach tonight! Get her!" One fan joked, "I’m still not over Tanya basically snatching the peach out of Eva’s hand. #RHOAReunion #RHOA."

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