‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Todd calls out Kandi for not spending time with family, fans agree with him

Todd tells Kandi that he is unhappy with his wife prioritizing everything over spending time with him and the family

                            ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Todd calls out Kandi for not spending time with family, fans agree with him
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker (Getty Images)

Kandi Burruss certainly has a lot going on in her life. In the latest episode of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, we saw the housewife juggling between her budding acting career and her family. Kandi video-calls her husband, Todd Tucker, to check on him and their son, Ace. Her son begins to cry when he sees her, expressing that he misses her and wants to be with her.

Later, when Kandi is back in town, instead of spending time with her husband and son, she plans on going to business luncheons and parties so that she can network with other people in the industry. This leaves Todd feeling annoyed, as he feels that Kandi constantly prioritizes everything else over spending time with her family. He points out how whenever Kandi has any spare time she immediately opts to spend time with friends or work rather than spending time with him or their children.

Kandi hears him out and gets very emotional. Despite their heart-to-heart conversation, Kandi decides to go for her business luncheon because she has already committed to it, and leaves Todd. When fans saw this, they felt bad for Todd and agreed with him that Kandi needs to get her priorities in order and learn to balance her time between work and family better.



A fan tweeted, “I agree with Todd. Kandi if you are gone a few days a week, when you come home you should be with your family. #RHOA.” Another fan wrote, “I have to agree with Todd , he supported and compromised with @Kandi with her acting, she need to comprised and probably chill out with the schedule and while she home dedicate that to her family.  Sometimes you have to pick between money and business over family. #rhoa.” “Wow' Todd is being real real right now. This is deep! Finally, realizing money is not as important as love and true companionship. Ace's tears were the breaking point.  #RHOA.” pointed out another fan.

“Todd is right on this one. If you're always gone for work, when you're home, you need to put that socialite crap on the back burner and spend time with your family. Was your son NOT just crying on FT saying he wanted his mommy? #RHOA,” shared a fan. Another fan observed, “Gotta say Todd is right. Kandi knew she had a baby on the way and barely had time to set up the nursery and booked a job that would run weeks after the baby's birth. I could see if she just needed the money but girl! #RHOA.”

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