'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Preview: Yovanna reappears, blames Nene for fabricating 'snakegate' scandal

The final part of the reunion features Yovanna Momplaisir returning to the show and clearing the air about 'snakegate'

                            'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Preview: Yovanna reappears, blames Nene for fabricating 'snakegate' scandal
Yovanna Momplaisir and Nene Leakes (Bravo/ Getty Images)

If you thought 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion would be done without the mention of the infamous snakegate, you couldn't be more wrong. Season 12 saw Nene Leakes learning that her former best friend Cynthia Bailey was talking smack about her. When Yovanna Momplaisir reveals this to Nene, she also assures the OG housewife that she has receipts to prove it. Later, Nene meets Kandi and tells her that she has a recording of Cynthia talking about her. This leads to all the housewives declaring that there is a snake in their group, who is recording private conversations and leaking them.

After some Sherlock Holmes level sleuthing, the housewives find out that it was Yovanna who was behind the recordings and they accuse her of being the snake. Unfortunately for Yovanna, her dear friend Nene doesn't come to her rescue and just walks away. This triggered Yovanna, and she went on to accuse Nene of fabricating the entire snakegate plotline for her own benefit. 

Reunions are when all the answers to our lingering questions are revealed. So, keeping that in mind, Yovanna was brought in for the reunion to clear the air once and for all about the snakegate scandal. As soon as Yovanna pops in, Nene disappears. Yovanna uses Nene's absence to her advantage and points out how Nene never takes accountability for her actions and disappears whenever things get hard. She then openly asks the housewives why Nene left if she had done nothing wrong.


Cynthia appears to have taken the bait, for she can be seen slamming her former best friend. Cynthia believes Yovanna, and points out that Nene's absence from the reunion has given her all the answers she needed about the snakegate, and takes Yovanna's word about Nene fabricating the whole thing for the show. Unfortunately, we do not know how Nene reacted to these accusations, and if she ever got back to the reunion.

But on her YouTube channel, Nene did drop some hints on her thoughts about the situation. She admitted to walking out of the reunion, and didn't even seem one bit apologetic about it. In fact, she says that she has no regrets about it and would do it all over again. 

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