'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion: Nene tries to belittle Kandi, fans remind her 'your jealousy is showing'

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion: Nene tries to belittle Kandi, fans remind her 'your jealousy is showing'
Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss (Getty Images)

Although Kandi Burruss was the only housewife who was on good terms with Nene Leakes at the beginning of the ongoing Season 12, the two housewives couldn’t keep their friendship till the end of the season. Nene took jabs at Kandi for supporting Kenya Moore. The housewife doubled down on her rants against Kandi by making rude comments about how Kandi has gotten her own spin-off show while the other housewives are unable to.
Nene’s jealousy towards Kandi was out on display during the virtual reunion. Nene kept trying to throw shade at Kandi for getting her own spin-off show but ended up coming across as an unbelievably jealous and insecure person. The two ladies got into a showdown when Nene accused Kandi of being ‘forgettable’. Kandi lashed back at Nene by pointing out how she’s more successful than Nene. Kandi also slammed Nene by saying that the OG housewife sang her songs even before Kandi was on the show.
Fans took Kandi’s side and called out Nene for going after her fellow housewife’s accomplishments and successes. A fan tweeted, “U can hate Kandi and love Nene from now until 2067, U still can’t compare her relevancy to Kandi’s LEGACY even a smidge - NeNe was a clown for that ish #rhoareunion #rhoa.” Another fan wrote, “Nene is bringing her best comedic work tonight! She thinks @Kandi  is forgettable? She doesn't need #RHOA to stay relevant, she was here before her and she'll be around after her. #RHOAReunion #RHOAVirtualReunion.”
“It's laughable to see Nene hate on Kandi. She has the career you'll never have. She can easily walk through doors you can't We know Kandi due to talent We know Nene due to fighting and fussing on Tv I just don't understand.. #RHOAVirtualReunion,” seconded another fan. “Kandi is so forgettable but she's been a consistent peach holder longer than Nene and rumor has it, gets paid more than her too. Give it a rest, leakes. Your jealously is showing. #rhoa #rhoareunion,” pointed out a fan. Another fan expressed, “I’m over Nene trying to decimate Kandi ‘s accomplishments!  blk women’s contributions to pop music are never recognized so to see another blk woman trying to act like her work is insignificant and she don’t deserve her own spin off is pissing me off!  #RHOAReunion #RHOA.”
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion part 2 airs on Sunday, May 17, only on Bravo.


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