‘RHOA’ Preview: NeNe asks Wendy Williams for advice, Marc reveals what it's like being married to Kenya

‘RHOA’ Preview: NeNe asks Wendy Williams for advice, Marc reveals what it's like being married to Kenya
NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore and Marc Daly (Getty Images)

The upcoming episode of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ seems to be packed with some intense drama. The sneak-peek clip features Wendy Williams on call with NeNe Leakes. We see the reality star seeking the advice of the talk-show host on how to deal with Kenya Moore. NeNe and Kenya aren’t on the best of terms and under the immense pressure from her husband Marc Daly, Kenya reluctantly invites NeNe to the charity event hosted by Marc.
The sneak-peek clip shows NeNe venting out to Wendy about how she is having anxiety and that if Kenya “pushes” her then she will talk smack about her fellow housewife, which might make things ugly. Wendy hears her out patiently and tells NeNe to let Kenya “bury herself” and not pay much attention to her.


Only the upcoming episode will tell if the OG housewife chose to listen to Wendy’s advice or if things go further south between the ladies. NeNe isn’t the only one who seems to be unhappy with Kenya. At the charity event, we see Kenya and Marc get into a small disagreement. Kenya wants to go around the room and interact with the guests while Marc insists she just sit down. Later, we see a bunch of people questioning Marc how he feels being married to Kenya, and we hear him say he “hates” it and the next scene shows him walking away angrily.
In her green room interview, NeNe shares her observation of how she never saw Marc and Kenya be “lovey-dovey” ever. We can’t wait to see the Marc and Kenya drama!

Aside from Marc, even Tanya Sam seems to be unhappy with Kenya. Kenya and she are shown discussing the bowling game event hosted by Kenya and Marc. Tanya and her fiancé don’t show up despite being invited. Tanya then reveals that they didn’t attend because Paul wasn’t happy with Kenya’s decision to bring in the infamous cookie lady to meet Tanya with her claims of Paul flirting with her. We see Kenya being unapologetic about it and we are wondering if the Kenya-Tanya drama will continue all through the season. 
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 12 airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo. 

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