'RHOA' housewife Vivica Fox accuses NeNe Leakes of drug abuse, fans say she was 'out of line'

'RHOA' housewife Vivica Fox accuses NeNe Leakes of drug abuse, fans say she was 'out of line'
NeNe Leakes and Vivica Fox (Getty Images)

The virtual reunion of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was without a doubt very intense. It left housewife NeNe Leakes so traumatized that she began seeing a therapist. When the OG housewife revealed this piece of information on her Instagram, little did she know the troubles it would cause.
A few days later on May 5, actress Vivica Fox went on former ‘RHOA’ housewife Claudia Jordan’s talk show. ‘Out Loud with Claudia Jordan’, where she weighed in her opinion about NeNe seeking therapy after filming the reunion. Although the actress believed NeNe’s claims that she was seeking therapy, she wasn’t convinced about the reality show’s reunion being the reason behind it.

Vivica revealed that she saw something white underneath the housewife’s nose during the reunion, suggesting that NeNe was using drugs. Vivica felt that NeNe went to therapy to seek help for her addiction. Claudia tried suggesting that it could have been sweat under NeNe’s nose, which the actress might have mistaken for something else. But Vivica was adamant about NeNe’s drug usage.


The actress’s interview with her former co-star reached NeNe’s ear. When NeNe heard about it, she wasn’t pleased with it. She soon appeared on the popular radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’ to set the record straight about her drug usage allegations. NeNe made it clear that she never smoked, drank or used drugs. She expressed her disappointment with Vivica’s allegations.


She said, “That was really f-cked up, okay. Let me tell you how f-cked up that is. I have never done any drugs. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette in my life, okay. So I’ve had family members —I speak about this on the show — that’s been on drugs before. I’ve never been on drugs. Now, I’ve been on plenty of vodka, but I ain’t never been on no drugs before. I will never do drugs, okay.”
According to Atlanta Black Star, she then went on to question Vivica if she was on drugs for making such wild accusations. She added, “That’s nothing that I’ve ever done. I don’t smoke cigarettes, cigars, weed, do coke..I’ve never even tried it. So for somebody to go so low and insinuate something like that to defame your character is really effed up. And I thought me and Vivica was cool. I … is she on f-cking drugs? Don’t ever put me in that category, okay. You can put me in a lot of categories. But the drug category.. you will never be able to put me there. That’s a whole disrespectful.. it’s defaming your character, and it’s f-cked up.”
Just like NeNe fans too were unhappy with Vivica’s baseless allegations. A fan tweeted, “@KingJosiah54 and @MsVivicaFox You were out of line by talking about Nene being on Drugs Kenya dog your ass now you are doing what Kenya done to you now you want to do Nene you and Claudia is looking for Attention.”


Another fan wrote, “Did Nene bad mouth Vivica's wig empire?!?! Where did these drug allegations stem from? #RHOA #NeneLeakes #VivicaFox.”

“I don’t think vivica should’ve said nene is doing drugs,” expressed a fan.

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