'RHOA': Cynthia questions Mike's infidelity but is told she's 'not perfect', fans want her to leave him and run

'RHOA': Cynthia questions Mike's infidelity but is told she's 'not perfect', fans want her to leave him and run
Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill (Bravo)

After rushing into engagement with Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey is now beginning to second guess her relationship with Mike. In the previous episode, we saw her express her displeasure about her fiancé having a lot of female friends. On the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta', we see the housewife questioning her fiancé's ability to stay loyal to her, considering he has cheated in his previous marriages.
When she questions his loyalty to her and asks him what sets her apart from the other women who he has cheated on in the past, Mike’s response is not what we wanted to hear. It left fans convinced that he might not be the man for her. Instead of reassuring Cynthia that he would be loyal to her, he points out that she is "not perfect", and questions her loyalty by saying she might cheat on him too. As an afterthought, he adds that if he ever cheats on Cynthia, then it’s on him and has nothing to do with her.
Fans only saw red flags after watching this awkward exchange between the newly engaged couple.


A fan tweeted, "I don't know about Mike. Cynthia was asking legitimate questions about his infidelity and he tells her she’s not perfect. Deflecting like that is a red flag. But imma hush cause it ain’t my problem! #RHOA. (sic)"

Several fans felt that he was trying to gaslight her concerns about his loyalty. A fan said, "#RHOA: omg this Dude of Cynthias... woaw gurl... He is a gaslighter... he already trying to flip his infidelity on you Run girl... this ain’t cool Run woman... omg can see right thru this...  @CynthiaBailey10." 
Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Mike is gas lighting Cynthia so hard right now and I’m so turned off. He clearly still has a lot of work to do as a man. I’m seeing all types of red flags Cynthia..come on girl!!! @CynthiaBailey10  #RHOA #bravotv #WWHL. (sic)"

"See I don’t like how Cynthia is trying to bring up legitimate concerns around Mike’s fidelity issues and now he wants to be like 'you’re not perfect!' We are talking about your propensity to cheat! #RHOA," pointed out a fan.


Another fan advised Cynthia to run away from Mike because he might have not changed and might continue with his cheating ways. "Listen to Mike trying to turn this conversation (the fact that he has cheated on his wives) around on Cynthia. Run Girl! I get the feeling he hasn’t changed. #RHOA," wrote a fan.
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