'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Todd calls Kandi a 'hater', but fans think she is just a 'smart' businesswoman

'RHOA' fans called out Todd Tucker for calling his wife Kandi Burruss a 'hater'.

                            'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Todd calls Kandi a 'hater', but fans think she is just a 'smart' businesswoman
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker arrive at the premiere of Apple TV+'s 'Truth Be Told' at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater on November 11, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

Todd Tucker has always been under the scanner, and very often fans have called him out for using his wife Kandi Burruss’s money. Kandi who has built her fortune thanks to her successful run in the entertainment industry, has always been very smart about her money.
On the latest episode of ‘RHOA,’ we see the usually cordial Todd and Kandi get into an argument over finances. Kandi reveals that her husband has poured a lot of money into six businesses he intends on starting and none of them have seen the light of the day. This appears to trouble the housewife, for she calls out Todd when he comes up with another idea to enhance one of his business ideas.
Kandi then tries to explain how much money they are pumping into these businesses without seeing any returns for them. But Todd doesn’t entertain his wife’s views. Kandi then explained to him about recession and flexes gently by explaining to him that she has always been successful in overcoming recession, thanks to her smart money moves.
Todd doesn’t take too kindly to his wife’s critique of his business decisions and calls her a “hater”. Fans were quick to remind him that she isn’t a hater, but a “smart” businesswoman. A fan tweeted, “Todd is soooooo lame! It’s weird how he is not taking what Kandi is saying seriously. She’s not a hater she’s smart! 🙄🙄🙄 #RHOA”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Todd, Kandi's not a hater, she's smart, unlike you #RHOA”.
Many fans also reminded Todd that it was Kandi’s money he was using to fund his business ideas. A fan tweeted, “Todd called Kandi a hater like it’s not HER money #RHOA”. “Todd really call kandi a hater cause she’s being responsible about money. Maybe kandi’s Mom was right about Todd 👀 ??? #RHOA”, wondered a fan. “Todd had the nerve to call Kandi a hater. Then didn't even know it was a recession coming lmao #rhoa”, commented a fan.

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