‘RHOA': Kandi says Todd and she are making millions together, fans say 'we all know who’s really making it'

Fans think Todd is rich only because of his marriage to Kandi and refuse to believe that he is bringing home millions along with her

                            ‘RHOA': Kandi says Todd and she are making millions together, fans say 'we all know who’s really making it'
Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss (Amy Sussman/NBC Universal)

Since the time we have known Marlo Hampton, we have only seen her be single, we never saw her in a relationship. Finally, the ladies have taken it upon themselves to help the friend of housewives to find her perfect guy. When Marlo is asked what she wants in her man, she immediately replies that she is looking for a wealthy guy.

When housewife Kandi Burruss hears it, she puts in her two cents about how wealthy men are not everything. Kandi tries explaining to Marlo this point by citing the example of her husband Todd Tucker. The famous songwriter reveals that when she first met Todd, his net worth was only in some “hundred-thousands”, but she saw potential in him because according to her he is a smart man. So, she decided to marry him despite him not being as wealthy as her and she proudly declares that together they make “millions” now.

While Kandi’s sentiment of defending her husband is worthy of praise, fans are questioning her claims about Todd bringing in millions alongside her. A fan tweeted, “Kandi was really tryna convince herself that Todd is a man of millions. The lie detector determined (based on his 3 failed businesses w/ no income) THAT was a lie. #RHOA.” Another fan pointed out, “What Kandi said about making millions with Todd sounds nice, but we all know who’s really making it. And from the scenes on the show, she has no problem letting him know who the breadwinner is either #RHOA.”

Several fans took to social media to highlight the fact that Todd is a millionaire only because of her and if he is bringing in any money it would be just because of his association with her. A fan commented, “Kandi, Todd’s bank account may have been 100k but YOURS been in the millions. Todd is smart. I agree. #RHOA.” Another fan observed, “Not Kandi saying her & Todd make millions together? That man is a hundredaire. YOU are the millionaire miss mamas. #RHOA.”

“Todd and Kandi made millions or he married millions? #RHOA,” wondered a fan.

Kandi’s stint in the music industry as a member of the girl group ‘Xscape’ and a songwriter, has earned her quite some money. She later turned into a businesswoman and opened several businesses, which ensured that her wealth kept multiplying. Fans felt that Todd is rich only because of Kandi. A fan tweeted, “No- you don’t make millions together Kandi. YOU make millions and Todd is along for the ride. #RHOA.” “Kandi girl Todd only has millions because he’s associated with you, he wasn’t even in your tax bracket before he got with you  #RHOA,” echoed another fan. Another fan pointed, “Kandi girl....Todd is not a good example. He’s making millions because of his connection to you. #RHOA.”

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