'Revenge Prank': Human eating pig over an 8-foot snake? Can Sunny succeed at getting back at his brother Soko?

Sunny loves his brother Soko but one thing he was not happy to see was his brother playing on his deepest fears. Can he get back at him with a revenge prank?

                            'Revenge Prank': Human eating pig over an 8-foot snake? Can Sunny succeed at getting back at his brother Soko?

Sunny and Soko share a tight bond ever since they lost their father. While the brothers are closer than ever, one thing that Sunny did not appreciate was his brother Soko playing on his deepest fears to prank him. Sunny revealed he has always been scared of snakes and Soko managed to prank him once by leaving an eight-foot snake on his bed. 

With the video going viral. Sunny revealed that he was also recognized by people as the snake guy when he went to another country for vacation. Seeing how the viral video has stuck with people all this time, Sunny thought it was only fair to get back at him. To make sure he manages to deliver a prank worse than what he got, he decided to play on the things that would push Soko's buttons. Two things that Soko loves are his car and watches. Sunny thought it would be best to do something to them. 

To make sure this prank was a success, Vinny Guadagnino decided to help Sunny out. He thought it would be a good idea to invite Soko to a jewelry store by telling him he would get to buy a good watch. Excited Soko was quick to accept this offer. As Sunny and Soko arrived, they were asked to leave their belongings outside. 

As Soko had a look at the watches, he knew the one he wanted. However, the situation soon turned into a nightmare for him when two people from the Russian mob came inside and inspected the watches they had allegedly given. One of them noticed that one watch was missing and accused Soko and Sunny of stealing it. Hearing this claim made Soko frustrated and he was quick to lash out at everyone. To make matters worse, the Russian mob decided to bring in the human eating pig. However, Soko seemed unimpressed and wanted to get things sorted.

As things got heated up, the Russian mob pranksters had an idea of taking Soko's beloved car instead. They managed to make it seem like a buyer was willing to come and get the car right away. As they dragged Soko out, Vinny decided to place himself on the car and strike a pose. As soon as Soko saw Vinny he understood it was a prank. Undoubtedly, with Vinny's help, Sunny managed to beat his brother on the prank and got his revenge.

'Revenge Prank' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 

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