'Revenge Prank': Coca hurt by Keisha's lack of trust after she believes in prank about his sex tape

Pauly D helps Coca prank his girlfriend but the prank might have made him rethink his relationship

                            'Revenge Prank': Coca hurt by Keisha's lack of trust after she believes in prank about his sex tape
Revenge Prank (MTV)

Pauly D always has some good plans up his sleeves and this time, he was all set to help Coca get back at his girlfriend, Keisha. Keisha pranked Coca by pretending to go outside with her friends while wearing revealing clothes. Coca has always been someone who did not like her going out late at night while wearing clothes that were too revealing. 

The video got nearly 400,000 views and Coca was ready to get back at his girlfriend. Coca shed light on their relationship. He revealed that they have known each other for ten years and have been dating for two years. Coca further revealed that they can be described as the power couple as they do everything together. However, seeing how she managed to prank him, he knew it was time to get back at her. Coca revealed that one thing that will push Keisha's buttons is if she finds out she was cheated on. Pauly thought it would be a good way to get back at her and thought a sex tape with another woman would drive her mad. 

Coca agreed and decided to play along. To make the prank more believable, Pauly brought in some trusted people to play the roles. Dion acted as the fake lawyer, Biggs was the bodyguard, while Leticia was the blackmail queen. The prank started with Keisha coming into the office unaware of what had happened. Once they sat down, Dion was quick to tell her about the sex tape. Keisha was surprised and could not believe what she was hearing. She found it hard to believe but seemed convinced when she was given some pictures from the alleged sex tape. 

While Coca tried to explain that it is an old picture, Keisha saw his hair and understood that it was not an old picture. To make things worse, Leticia entered the room and got things heated up. She pushed Keisha to watch the sex tape so she could prove that Coca was in fact cheating on her. Keisha agreed as she thought it was a sex tape, however, Pauly made an entrance to reveal it was a prank. While she was relived, Coca seemed disappointed to hear that Keisha admitted that she thought he was capable of cheating on her because there had been times when he was gone out for long. 

While Coca managed to get the revenge, will their relationship be fine after hearing the truth?

'Revenge Prank' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 

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